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  • lovesickeros
    08.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    E anon, who hasn't had the time to use her pc yet cause she needs to wait until after her exams,

    C r I I I I I

    E anon lol

    Pssssssst..... was the archon quest fun?

    IT WAS. putting it under the cut bc there isn't spoilers really but I mention the characters involved and talk abt it a little

    you should play it when you have the chance. it + enkanomiya is a breath of fresh air and was extremely well written imo. I have little, if any at all, bad things to say about either of the quest lines besides like. one the enkanomiya side quest trials but that's gameplay so

    i was a lil scared that they'd make her dependant on the traveler but I think it was handled well! especially next to the inazuma Archon quests, i really liked this one. it continues the story of older regions instead of just moving onto the next region and forgetting the rest, and keeps the themes of the last liyue Archon quests and expands on it it. kinda sad chongyun didn't show up, though it would have felt out of place so I see why, but maybe in her quest?? her familial ties with him would make a great centerpoint of it. that or yunjin

    #asks#e anon #shes genuinely such a good character. wont say much bc. spoilers but #her friendship w the traveler is good! but her friendship with yunjin is so good and has so much potentional #hope it gets expanded on. i love them and their interactions so much #enjoy the archon quest when u get to it tho!! its so good and ESP the ending w yunjjn and shenhe #100% worth it and im sad i didnt do it sooner
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  • ambermaze
    01.12.2021 - 5 monts ago

    SHENHE & YUNJIN layouts 🌨️🌂

    requested by anon! ☆ ♪

    pls like/rb if using!!

    #rq finished ☆ ♪ #genshin impact#shenhe#yunjjn #genshin impact layouts #shenhe layouts#yunjin layouts #genshin impact edit #shenhe edit#yunjin edit
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  • astroyongie
    20.05.2022 - 6 days ago

    if Garam's bullying victim tried to commit suicide i wonder what yunjin is like to be a 'big no no'

    It’s better not to go down that road 😅

    When it comes to their group, kazuha is really the only one I have a all green pass (of course this is only based on my vibe! People have all rights to see it differently ❤️)

    Chaewon and euchae are like okay vibes. I think what comes off of them is probably their mental health, their environnement or just their energy in general that can cloud a bit. But they aren’t bad people. Same goes with Sakura, Sakura just has a very interesting energy that I personally don’t like but it doesn’t mean she’s bad !

    But Garam and Yunjjn like I said from the start when they debuted are a no no no no for me, there’s way too much going on with their past that I personally don’t approve.

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