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  • vegetabletaxi
    20.01.2022 - 4 monts ago

    Do you have any ocs? If you do I’d love to see them if you’re willing to share!! <3

    **DO I**

    the fact that someone actually wants to see them asldjdsglj ;o; but ok. yes. i do have a few actually.

    grumpy dude. prefers you call him "zak" because it's more unique and a key shorter. contemplates life too often. always has a cigarette behind his ear. legally blind. cynic and does shitty poetry and shitty song writing but he's a pretty good artist (from when he could still see; his arc is realizing he's still worth something despite not being able to do his biggest passion anymore). “have you seen me without this stupid jacket? that’s weird. i don’t fit in.” 

    this is cuff sabino. "cuff" the "tough" guy. he's not actually so tough, if you didn't notice. huge attention seeker and basically relies on others to tell him what to think. obsesed with getting along with everyone and lives on social media. he plays soccer. (he meets zak, who doesn't like him at first AT ALL (calling him a normie and a poser), and he has to deal with it.) pretty emotionally constipated. has a twin and a baby sister.

    there' more characters but that's for another time, another day or when someone asks about them.

    #asks#anon #ty for letting me go off #smooches this anon #ocs #i might post abt them more so might as well tag em #zack cordel#cuff sabino#myart #those drawings are pretty old tbh #alo theyre boyfriends #incase u didnt notice. #in case anyone is interested; i made this story at first because i kept hearing the notion #especially from artists #and i was like...ok but lets say even if that happens you still deserve to be loved and have a good life #and yes youll have to adjust but that doesnt change anything about your value as a human #and cuff exists because i just fucking love dumb ass jocks
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