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  • zaritarazi
    24.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    fav zava moments

    •when they found out sara was “dead” and zari was like oh how tragic gidget play that super old song despacito, and then proceeded to lovingly take ava into her arms and hold her

    •when they legit just cinematic parallels uber romantic ‘do you trust me’ ‘take my hand’ ‘id never leave you behind’ when ava rescued zari

    •not an in character thing but when tala and jes legit wore handmade matching zava shirts

    •that scene where zari was like ‘anytime ur in my time slide into my dms’ as if that isnt like explicitly romantic lmao

    amelia earhart: sara is dead! i killed her!

    zari: that is so sad. gidget play us a classic earth ballad

    gideon: plays despacito

    and like. how else is that scene at the fountain supposed to be other than one hundred and fifty percent romantic. when is someone holding out their hand and asking "do you trust me" ever anything other than wholly and explicitly romantic? every day i charge devices

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  • zaritarazi
    24.05.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Oh ALSO that one scene where evil Ava pegged robot Zari that was my second favourite.

    that was really explicit the cw was so brave for airing that

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  • zaritarazi
    24.05.2022 - 16 hours ago

    it's the continuous zava handholding for me

    why are you, as women, so desperate to touch another woman. sounds gay to me

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  • zaritarazi
    23.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    I think my favourite moment was the canon zavalance bdsm three-way

    all six of them. each one onscreen and more lurid than the last

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  • zaritarazi
    23.05.2022 - 17 hours ago

    fav zava moment when ava looked straight into camera and said ”i am an autistic trans lesbian bottom” and zari looked into camera and said “i am an adhd trans bisexual top” and then they made out for 45 minutes <3 #love wins etc etc

    and with that as the s7 finale i don't know why more people aren't sastisfied

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  • zaritarazi
    23.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    favorite zava moment was when ava repeatedly told zari to squirt. on network televisiom

    that was such a choice. like ava why are you repeatedly in zari's business telling her to squirt. why is this something you're yelling at her so passionately. have you practiced this previously

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  • zaritarazi
    23.05.2022 - 18 hours ago

    send me your favorite zava moments. tonight is a zava night. for example, a favorite zava moment of mine is when zari went on tv to win a singing competition and ava was like EVERYONE SHUT UP. SHUT UP. whatever you’re doing right now it DOESN’T MATTER. i’m going to sit down and watch zari sing songs on the TV and nobody better interrupt me. if sara comes back while my wife zari tarazi is making songs on cable, tell her to DIE

    #lot headcanon#zava #this happened word for word in canon i was there i wrote the episode
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  • poppyminnakamura
    20.05.2022 - 4 days ago

    citrus and spice

    [Image ID: an image of a woman with brown skin looking up, cut so that you can see her neck and shoulders, colorized purple and with the words citrus and spice | zava 2.0 / 1k over it.]

    A Zava 2.0 ficlet for @hizzieluthor​‘s birthday! A hurt/comfort fic set in a divergent 5x09. Warning for infidelity.

    Read on AO3 here (link goes to what will be a series of unconnected Zava 2.0 oneshots; this is the first chapter).

    They'd all seen Zari storm into the infirmary, heard her yell in frustration and storm back out when she realized John was unconscious, heard the click of her door shut. Ava wants to help more than anything, wants to bring Behrad back to her alive and well, doesn't even know where to start in facing a literal god.

    Everyone's somber. Nate won't meet any of their eyes, and Sara's holding Ava's hand. It's not as comforting as it usually is. Sometimes, they catch the faint sound of crying coming from Zari's room, just quiet enough that it could be just a draft, but--it isn't. Of course it isn't. They'd heard her wailing herself hoarse on the bridge, like a piece of her was missing.

    Ava supposes it is.

    "Ava," Sara says quietly, and Ava snaps to attention. "Can you talk to her? You're closer with her than anyone on the team. Other than..." She trails off, and Ava nods, dropping her hand and walking over to Zari's room.

    There's no response, no "get the fuck away from me", so Ava opens the door. It isn't locked. Zari's curled up on her bed, holding her legs, still crying. It seems impossible that she has enough water left in her for tears, but her face is still wet. "Gideon, close the door," Ava says quietly. Zari looks up at the sound of her talking, startled at her being here. Not angry, at least.

    Zari gets off the bed and runs towards her, pulling her in for a hug and crying into her chest. Ava hugs her back, tight as she can, saying that she's sorry, she's so sorry, over and over until the words barely sound like anything. It's not enough--Ava doesn't know what to say in situations like this, knows she isn't enough, but Zari doesn't let go. They stand, Ava rubbing Zari's back and saying that she's sorry, Zari still crying, for a few long moments. Zari's tears slow, a little, but don't ever stop, not really. Ava decides the bed is probably the safer bet for what to do, comfier than the cold metal of the Waverider, gently pulls Zari towards the bed.

    Zari goes with her, ends up sitting half-on top of her while Ava tries to maneuver them into something comfortable, a weird hug with Zari almost in her lap. It's definitely an awkward position, but Ava could care less for that. Her friend's mourning; whether or not this is the socially acceptable way to sit seems completely unimportant in comparison.

    After some time of that, Zari pulls back, just slightly, still crying. Her hands are still on Ava's shoulders, as though she's unwilling to let go. Ava wipes her tears as best she can while Zari talks. "I don't--I love Behrad so much, I can't--I can't do this, I don't--I can't do this, Ava. He's my brother, I can't do this without him. I don't--how am I supposed to tell our parents? I--"

    Ava holds Zari's face in her hands, looks her in the eyes. "We're going to bring him back. No matter what."

    Zari presses her forehead to Ava's, never once breaking eye contact. "Promise?"


    Zari pulls back, just a little. Her expression's intense as she holds Ava's gaze. A little late, Ava drops her hands. Zari wipes her face, still splotchy and wet despite her best efforts. They stay close to each other, though, not touching foreheads anymore but in each other's space in a way that Ava's not used to with anyone other than Sara.

    Maybe it's that connection that has Ava glancing down at Zari's mouth, completely inappropriate for the situation and who they are, except that when she catches herself and looks back up, Zari's looking at hers. Zari notices her, too, less shy about it than Ava. They wait like that for a long moment, where all the worries that would normally stop Ava from doing something like this quiet in the reality of them here, alone together.

    They both lean in and meet in the middle, the kiss immediately heated, intense. Zari tastes like salt but it's hardly enough to distract from how good she is, how much she's throwing herself into this. She nips at Ava's bottom lip, sucks on her tongue, swallows the whine Ava doesn't mean to let out. Ava can't help but pull her closer, pressed chest-to-chest. She chases the faint taste of Zari's lip gloss, sweet like sugar on her tongue underneath the brine of her tears and the texture of lipstick. She's not used to it; she kind of enjoys it.

    After a few minutes, they pull apart, Zari pressing her forehead to Ava's rather than getting far away. Ava's surprised that she doesn't immediately regret it, just looking up at Zari. Zari ducks her gaze and steps off of her, standing up. Ava, knowing it's rude to sit on someone's bed usually, gets up, though she's pretty sure this is an extenuating circumstance.

    "Thanks for the promise," Zari says, quiet but genuine. "And the kiss."

    "Always," Ava says, only realizing how much she means it when she says it. Zari looks up at her, worrying her bottom lip between her teeth, and Ava leans in, presses a quick, chaste kiss to them. She turns to leave, knowing that she did intrude on Zari's space even if Zari didn't shove her out--

    "Ava," Zari says, and Ava turns back. She's pointing at Ava's mouth, and when Ava wipes a hand, there's lipstick there. Cheeks warm and probably pink, she wipes more thoroughly to try and get it off, satisfied when the third pass doesn't stain her hand, though she'll probably still need to wash up.

    "Thanks," she says with a little self-deprecating smile.

    "Always," Zari says. "Love you." She freezes right after she says it, like she didn't mean to.

    There's no world in which Ava leaves her without responding, not like this, not ever. "Love you too."

    She leaves, a small smile on her face despite the overwhelming hopelessness of their situation. It feels like a beginning, even though it shouldn't, even though by all rights today's been an end, an erasure, a loss. But they'll get Behrad back, and Astra's mom too. All they need is for John to wake up.

    Until then, she'll be there for Zari, however she needs her.

    #zava#ava sharpe#zari tarazi #legends of tomorrow #hizzieluthor#my fics #fic: citrus and spice #dc#arrowverse #zava 2.0
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  • lovevalley45
    14.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    man i was rereading some of my older fanfics and seeing some things that flopped like,, i get it but also it was Too Good to get so few notes

    #alli says shit #like listen i know zava as taakitz is some real niche shit #but it was still some good shit #pour one out for when the only actual play i listened to was taz 😔
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  • lollo12589
    11.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    I can be your angel

    Or demon

    #@zava #blood #i love her #soldi tag#soldis tag #she doesnt have a familiar but the turtle represents zava #cause sea and storm godess #thats why soldi dresses in blue tones
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  • blueberryexistence
    10.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    in which Zari and Ava try to set up Esperastra, and end up falling for each other in the process.

    #actually happy with this one #zava#esperastra#spoonstra#myfics
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  • blueberryexistence
    10.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    writing fluffy esperastra is my therapy

    #i'm FINALLY finishing my zava and esperastra fic #I'll probably publish it tomorrow :)
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  • zaritarazi
    09.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    That horny archaeologists AU you wrote. Also every vampire Zava headcanon ever.

    that horny archaeologist au was supposed to be a long fic and then i got to the fucking and i was like. isn't this what people wanted? isn't this the peak of art? thankfully the vampire zava au will be all fucking, and so

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  • zaritarazi
    04.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    ava isn't at the bar with sara bc they got divorced in 2025 and then ava and zari tarazi got married and are still happily together. the series is over. you literally cannot prove me wrong. this is canon as far as anyone is concerned

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  • poppyminnakamura
    01.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    merci beaucoup

    [Image ID: a woman with brown hair and highlights facing away from the camera, edited so that it’s colorized purple and with the text merci beaucoup | zava 2.0 / 3k over it. End ID.]

    Image Source: found on Pinterest, earliest source I could find was WeHeartIt.

    Title: merci beaucoup

    Pairing: Zava 2.0

    Rating: E (minors DNI).

    Word Count: 3475.

    Summary: A Zava 2.0 smut fic, diverging from 5x04, requested by @hizzieluthor.

    Warnings: Infidelity, minor dom/sub (explicitly negotiated in-story).

    Created For: @lgbtqbingo, filling the kiss on the forehead square! Read below the cut or on AO3 here.

    "Behrad, now!"

    The burst of wind is perfectly timed to keep Zari from getting tackled by the rabid mob of paparazzi and publicists and CatChat influencers, and Ava allows herself a little pride. Sure, this mission's gone haywire, thanks to Zari's theft, but it's a well-executed move, and under her command, at that. It gives Ava the chance to move in front of Zari, stop her in her tracks and execute the most important step of the plan.

    Zari looks touched, eyes wide and open and surprised. "You guys came back for me."

    "A Legend never gets left behind, even an interim one," she says, grabbing Zari's hand. "Follow me." Zari does, letting Ava lead her up to the fountain.

    She stops there, though, and Ava looks back at her. "What are you doing?"

    "Trust me!" Ava reaches a hand out, and Zari glances at it for just a second before turning to stare at the crowd. Behrad's still holding them back, but it's clear they're not gonna be able to do that forever even before he gets on comms to say as much. "Come on!"

    "Okay," Zari says, grabbing Ava's hand. It's warm, which is a weird thing to notice when the timeline is in danger.

    Staring down at the fountain, Ava thinks for what's far from the first time about how well-made the A.L.O.H.A. system is. They don't even need the last step this time! "Hydrate!" They jump into the fountain together, and even with the Dragonesque fucking up her sense of smell, she'd swear she gets a whiff of the best thing she's ever smelled as a spray of green sparks go flying up and away.

    Ava stands up in the fountain, Zari ineffectually brushing herself off next to her. "You know, there's a reason I never did this."

    "Because it's gross?"

    "So gross."

    Ava smiles, just a little, and moves to help her on her way out of the fountain, Nate scrambling on the other side to help them. He looks completely infatuated with Zari as he helps her out, but he does at least get Ava out of the fountain, too.

    Now that people have their minds back, Ava'd like to get out of here sooner rather than later. She always keeps her time courier handy, though, so it's just a matter of meeting up with Behrad before they transport back onto the Waverider.

    There. Only a bad showing for her first time as captain, rather than an abysmal one.

    "Wait, what does that last A stand for?" Nate asks as the portal closes behind them.


    Before Ava has a chance to be surprised and delighted at Rory actually reading her post-briefing email notes on the mission brief, he and Ray tackle Marie Antoinette's body. She stares at them in abject disbelief.

    "We got her," Ray says brightly.

    "I can see that," Ava says, and is about to congratulate them for a job well done when a draft reminds her that she is soaking wet, and not in the fun way. "And we'll have a post-mission wrap-up once I'm wearing anything else, okay?"

    "Sounds good, captain," Behrad says casually. "You gonna need the bathroom?"

    "No, go ahead, I'll be in my room," Ava says. "If anyone needs me--knock first."

    "Aye, aye!" Ray says with a little salute that's--appreciated, if unnecessary.

    It's nothing like her old apartment, but Ava's grown to love her room on the Waverider. Her and Sara's room, even if Sara's out on missions in the timestream or Star City more often than she's not. She's got the blazer of her jacket off when someone knocks on the door.


    "Can I come in?"

    Ava honestly isn't feeling up to conversation with Zari right now, but she's captain, so it's her job to be here. "Yeah, go ahead."

    The door slides open and Zari walks in, thankfully closing it behind her. She stares at Ava for a second, eyes catching on her arms before her gaze snaps back up to Ava's face. "I just--I wanted to say I'm sorry."

    "Oh." Ava hadn't honestly anticipated that, at least not before a few missions worth of development. "Well. I appreciate it."

    Zari frowns. "And thank you. You saved me."

    "Like I told you, a Legend--"

    "--never gets left behind, yeah," Zari says with a huff. "But, I mean...you know, I really appreciate it, Ava."

    "Okay...?" Clearly there's something else going on here, but Ava can't quite pick up on what. "Is that...all?"

    "Oh my god," Zari says, like Ava's the one who's missing something here. "You know what? No, I can do this. I'm glad you came to save me!"

    "I am too?"

    "I mean, I'm sure I had it handled," Zari says with a cocky little shrug. Ava rolls her eyes and is about to refute the point with a numbered list of reasons why no, she didn't "have it handled", but Zari keeps going before she can. "Not that I didn't like getting wet with you, but--"

    "I'm sorry, are you serious? You're--what, hitting on me and ignoring your extreme irresponsibility--"

    "Well, you didn't seem to be getting what I was after with just me thanking you, so! Yeah! What if I am? Are you gonna punish me for it?"

    What Ava should say here is, "No, and get out of my room. My and my girlfriend's room." What she says instead is, "Why, do you want me to?"

    Zari smiles and Ava hears the click of the door locking behind her. "I think I'd like that."

    "This is--" Ava laughs, the situation absurd. "You barely know me. And I'm taken! And for that matter, aren't you?"

    Zari's expression shutters. "After that stunt, I doubt it. And besides, he--I don't want to talk about him. There's better things we could do with our time, don't you agree?"

    "Look, I don't know why you--"

    "I needed you to help me, and you did," Zari says, interrupting her. There's an openness to her voice that she's not used to hearing from Zari. (Or, for that matter, from anyone, when it's directed at her, not even--) "And that's--I don't get that a lot, okay? Or ever. And I just--Ava, I didn't exactly come here looking to talk feelings."

    Maybe it's the raw honesty in how she's talking. Maybe it's the speed Sara ditched her with earlier. Maybe it's that she's as selfish as the man who made her what she was, maybe she's just as unable to love as she's worried about, maybe it's that she's more human than she thinks of herself as being. But instead of doing any of what she should, she pulls Zari in.

    At least Zari doesn't make it complicated, lets herself be pulled in with a grin still too-smug for Ava's taste. Ava's sense of smell is still--pretty much gone, so she can't taste whatever probably-lovely lip gloss Zari has on, but she's still as warm as she was earlier, even with the fountain water all over her, dragging her dress down.

    Ava kind of wants to rip it off of her.

    Zari lets Ava pull the dress off, leaving her in her unsurprisingly pretty underwear, even soaked through as it is, follows Ava to the bed and straddles her lap. Ava's clothes are getting pretty uncomfortable at this point, but not enough to distract her from the weight of Zari in her lap. This is--stupid. She already feels guilty for doing this to Sara, there's no reason to keep going except that she doesn't seem to want to stop.

    Ava pulls back from the kiss. Zari makes a little dissatisfied noise that quiets  as soon as Ava leans back in, pressing kisses to the corner of her mouth, the line of her jaw, the column of her throat, being careful not to leave a mark. As she does, she tries a few times to unlatch Zari's bra. On the sixth unsuccessful attempt, she pulls back and says, "Okay, you deal with it, that's needlessly complicated."

    Zari huffs, annoyed, but does take her bra off, setting it next to them on the bed rather than doing what Sara does and tossing it to whatever corner of the room she's facing. "Seriously? My bra stumped you?"

    Ava's hands tighten on Zari's hips, and Zari's eyes get a little darker as she looks down at Ava. "You seriously want me to punish you, don't you?"

    "Mm, yeah," Zari says, a surprisingly shy smile on her face. "I mean, I'll sleep with you anyway without that, if you don't want--"

    "I didn't say that." Ava taps her fingers on Zari's hip. "What were you thinking?"

    "Uh, I'll leave that up to you." 

    Ava rolls her eyes. "That's terrible kink etiquette. Negotiations are an extremely important part of any BDSM scene."

    Zari snorts. "You probably have a binder full of notes on it somewhere, don't you? Listing all your limits and safewords and things to do in scenes where verbal safewords aren't possible?"

    Ava's cheeks feel warmer than the contact between the two of them, which is to say, very. "I find it's best to be prepared."

    "Oh, I'm not complaining," Zari says, pressing a quick kiss to her forehead, which shocks Ava into stillness for a second. "How about this: stoplight system, and really basic stuff. Spanking and the like. We can work our way up to the rest."

    It sounds fair. Well, actually, it sounds like a terrible idea, but no more than sleeping with Zari at all is a terrible idea, so. "Works with me."

    "Great," Zari says. "Oh, wait, do you have toys? Because I'd like to try a lot more if you have toys."

    Ava groans, leaning in to rest her head on Zari's shoulder. "You're gonna be the death of me. Yeah, I have a few."

    Zari hums, pleased at her reaction. "Any strap-ons?" Ava nods without moving off of Zari. "How do you feel about anal? Me receiving, obvi."

    At this point, Ava's hands have to be tight enough on Zari that they're going to bruise. "Pull your underwear off and get on all fours."

    "Ooh, that's a yes, then!" Zari rolls off of her, and Ava goes to grab a strap-on from the drawer of toys. Most of what's in here are Sara's, but this strap-on had been hers, something from a date that had gone so disastrously wrong that they'd run into the nearest store to hide from cops and they'd had to shop for something to blend in.

    Sara's not a huge fan of it. Ava's been dreaming of using it for ages.

    She doesn't put it on yet, though, just turns to the woman waiting for her on the bed. Zari's done exactly what she asked, though somehow is visibly impatient even though Ava can't see her face. Rather than hurry right to her, Ava strips, the weight on her clothes back to uncomfortable without Zari pressed against her as a distraction.

    "I can hear you," Zari says. "Hurry up."

    "What, you thought spanking was gonna be the only punishment?" Ava says. Zari shivers. "You can wait. Color?"

    "Green," Zari says quickly, and only mutters something brattish once it's clear that she's fine with everything that's happening.

    Once Ava's got all her clothes off, she throws the toy and a bottle of lube next to Zari for easy access later and climbs up behind her so that they're both in arms reach. She runs one hand down the line of Zari's back, the angle such that she can't arch into it. Ava can't help but move closer, until they're hip-to-hip, Zari wet against her thigh. Zari whines and tries to grind into it until Ava grabs her hip, more a warning than actually holding her from it.

    Leaning down so that she's holding herself over Zari, she says, low and right into Zari's ear. "Remember you asked for this."

    Pulling back so that there's no place they're touching, Ava slaps Zari's thigh. Zari jolts and hisses at the pain. After giving her a moment to adjust, Ava hits her on the other side. This time, she yelps, loud enough that--

    Ava freezes, stopping completely and wondering if there's any possible ways to wipe the memory of not only everyone on the ship, but Gideon herself. Fuck, fuck, she knew she shouldn't do this, but she just--

    Zari looks back at her over her shoulder. "Why'd you stop?"

    "This room is only soundproofed when we ask--" She can't say Gideon's name; on the off-chance she's not paying attention, this is hardly the type of thing Ava wants to call attention to. "Everyone can hear--"

    "Oh, is that all? Yeah, I made sure to turn on the soundproofing before I went in," Zari says, as though that's not encrypted. "And I also made it so that the computer can't look in here for the next couple hours. Told her it was because I wanted to apologize in privacy. Technically not a lie, too!"

    Ava didn't know she could do that, and is honestly pretty impressed at the display of competency. "Oh." 

    "So, you know, you can keep going."

    Against her baser instincts, Ava waits for her to close her mouth before hitting her again, this time a little lower so it doesn't overlap the last place she hit completely. It would be harder to explain away bringing Zari to Gideon for a bitten tongue. "That's three."

    "Oh, don't count, I don't like that," Zari says. "Just--you know, color check occasionally."

    Works for Ava. "Color?"

    "Green," Zari says, resting her face against the bed. Ava keeps spanking lower and lower, trying to make it so that there won't be an inch where Zari doesn't feel this later. She alternates sides so Zari has an idea where the next hit will be. She's holding back, but every hit still makes Zari gasp and grunt and, when Ava accidentally hits the crease between her ass and her thigh, screams.

    "Color?" Ava asks, rubbing her lower back in a hopefully-comforting gesture.

    "Green," Zari says. "Sorry, I'll be--quiet--"

    "It doesn't bother me," Ava says. "If you want to sing, we don't have an audience."

    Zari sighs and looks up at her with eyes that are too fond by half for a tryst. "You are checking every one of my boxes, just so you know."

    Ava doesn't acknowledge that because she has, quite frankly, no idea what to say, just hits her again. Now that she's been given the go-ahead, Zari can barely stop moaning long enough to breathe in more air. The sound's the hottest thing Ava's heard in a long, long time. She doesn't want to stop, but she also doesn't want to actually hurt her, so at around fifteen strikes she stops completely, waiting for Zari to catch her breath before she runs a hand over one cheek.

    The pain has to flare up at that, but Zari just moans again, sounding barely pained at all.

    "Good job," Ava says, because she did take it well, and she's trying really hard to give concrete feedback the times when the Legends don't fuck up, too. Zari preens at the praise, a smile on her face even half-pressed into the pillow. Her eyes are wet, though Ava can't see any tear tracks on her face. Still, she did well, so Ava presses a quick kiss between her shoulderblades before working her way down until her head's buried between Zari's thighs.

    The noise Zari makes at that is going to haunt Ava's fantasies for the rest of her life. Even if the guilt catches up to her, she won't be able to forget it, has to actually press her thighs together as a distraction even with her mouth otherwise occupied. Ava licks into Zari, coaxing her onto the edge and then pulling back so the friction won't be enough to push her over. Zari whines, frustrated, and Ava pulls back completely when she tries to jerk her hips herself to get some pressure.

    "I'm so close, please--"

    "I know," Ava says, reaching for the toy. Her hands are shaking slightly, making it a little harder to get it on. Eventually the thing's tightened enough that she can move without it slipping, and she moves closer so Zari can feel it against her thigh.

    "Yes, yes, c'mon--"

    "I still need to open you up," Ava says, grabbing the lube and drizzling it over her left hand.

    "Oh, ugh, it's vintage," Zari grumbles. "You need to stop by 2040. They have toys that open you up as you go, makes this way faster--"

    Rather than argue the point, Ava slides the tips of two fingers into Zari's hole. Zari's noise of surprise is going to haunt Ava as much as her moans did, so Ava teases her, pushing only the very tips of her fingers in and out, over and over, slow and careful. One, it'll be good to open her up slowly, and two, Ava loves the sight of it.

    After awhile of the slow  pace Ava's set, Zari starts begging. "Ava, I can take more, just give me more, I'm so close and I want you inside me--"

    Ignoring the stir of heat she feels at that last part, Ava says, "Oh, come on, you can ask more nicely than that."

    Zari whines and pushes back, but Ava does the same so she doesn't actually get any more pressure. "Please, please, I'm sorry about being irresponsible but I've been good, please please please--"

    "Well, since you asked nicely," Ava says, though mostly because her control's already fracturing and better to speed things up now than rush and hurt Zari later. She opens her up as quickly as she thinks Zari can take after that, generous with the lube and unable to tear her eyes away from the marks she's left all over Zari. No one will be able to see but Zari won't be able to forget it, will have to shift in her seat for days.

    When Zari can take three fingers easily, Ava pulls out entirely, drizzles some lube onto the toy for good measure, and guides the toy into her. She doesn't bother with teasing at this point, Zari already on the edge and Ava not far behind even though she hasn't even gotten a hand on herself, sliding into her in one quick motion. Zari winces when Ava's hips meet the bruises on her ass, but still pushes back into it, a constant stream of please and yes and thank you. (That last one has Ava's hips jerking forward almost involuntarily.)

    Ava waits until they've gotten a rhythm to get a hand around to touch Zari, who shudders out an orgasm practically two seconds after Ava finds her clit. Fucking her through the aftershocks, Ava doesn't pull out until Zari's stopped begging. It's easier to take the harness off than it is to get on, so she manages to get it fully off before Zari's fully back to herself.

    She expects that she'll just have to make do with her hand, but Zari surprises her yet again, rolling over and eating her out. She lets Ava grab her hair and direct her, even though her pace stays leisurely. Really, her whole demeanor is like the cat who got the cream, and it's working for Ava more than she'd like it to be, following Zari over the edge not long after.

    This whole thing is a mistake, Ava knows it, but when Zari nestles up next to her, mumbling something about how that was exactly what she needed, she can't help but picture next time, picture having Zari in the shower, on her knees, in the library, a practically endless menagerie of mistakes they could make.

    "You're thinking too loud," Zari says, breath fanning out over Ava's neck. "Interrupting my beauty sleep."

    "We'll have to set you up with a room of your own," Ava says, and doesn't miss the way Zari's arms get a little tighter around her. "Make it permanently soundproofed and Gideon-free."

    "So you do wanna keep doing this," Zari says, sounding surprised. "You're not kicking me out of the Legends forever?"

    "What? No. For--this? This is at much my fuck-up as yours, if not more--"

    "No, for the perfume."

    "Oh, that. Listen, screwing up the timeline is as much a part of being a Legend as fixing it. More, even. Just--try not to steal things that come from hell anymore, and we're good."

    "Good," Zari says, and promptly falls asleep. Ava pets her hair--still soft, even with the fountain water, and Ava has got to get the name of the shampoo she uses--until she dozes off herself.

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  • zaritarazi
    26.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    ohh man i have been waiting foryou to write more of monsterfucker vampire zava

    So for everyone's point of reference the fic i wrote originally which was zava with the monsterfucker prompt is here

    I was rereading it and i had a lot of fun writing it where i'd actually really like to explore the canon of it which i was discussing with @swashbucklery like why is ava a vampire? Are all AVAs vampires??? And we discussed some stuff that i really liked and wanted to share with everyone!

    Also, i want to write more smut so

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  • zaritarazi
    26.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    Thinking about zava... thinking about the vampire ava zava au....

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  • blueberryexistence
    22.04.2022 - 1 mont ago

    Ava, early s5: What are you, 12 ?!

    Zari: On a scale from 1 to 10, yes

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  • lovevalley45
    16.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    i feel like if we do get a s8 of legends, it has to be the end of the show or to end with AL leaving. i think having them being like Parents into the show will just throw off the balance there tbh

    #alli says shit #we either gotta throw the kid into the puberty matrix or AL has to go #with what phil said abt having s8 possibly focus on zari #i wouldn’t be surprised if zari kinda picking up the slack turns into her becoming the next captain #like listen. not to say it’s a perfect comparison but #sort of like a timecanary zava thing #even tho they pushed hard with nate being ava n sara’s right hand man #it’s very clear zari is someone ava trusts a lot to take the lead when needed #where zari can also serve as someone to kinda put ava’s head on straight #like in ‘a head of her time’ #like if we’re going by seniority #gideon would be first pick then behrad #but i think out of any of them astra or zari are the ones who have that leadership that made sara captain in the first place #i do think astra would be a great fit don’t get me wrong #but i think zari has both that drive and that level-headedness to make a good captain #i keep making comparisons but like. astra is the z1.0 to zari’s sara #this accidentally turned into my case for making zari captain but #i just think throwing a kid onto the ship is kind of. impractical in the long run
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  • blueberryexistence
    04.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Zari: I was born to destroy and contour

    Ava: Don't you mean destroy and conquer?

    Zari: Not without making sure I look my best

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