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    How to Train Your Giant Pt3

    Friendly giant au, word count: 5,700

    part 1, part 2

    Notes: there’ll be one more part after this but I’m so excited to introduce the new characters in this! I’ve been working in this for a while and it’s officially my first collab with my wonderful sibling @leetlezeetle! The art is by zeetle so pls send them love :D I hope you enjoy the story!

    Tubbo didn’t trust Eret. 

    He couldn’t explain it, but something about them made his nerves buzz like a live wire. Their arrogant demeanor and their apparent ability to take down an entire giant with one arrow was unnerving. And even though they were kind, their words held a weight that settled in Tubbo’s chest like a stone. It almost made Tubbo feel like he had drunk too much cold medicine, like every syllable off Eret’s tongue made his mind slip further.

    Even stranger was the black cloth covering their eyes. Phil tried his best to act like he wasn’t unnerved by it too, but Tubbo could tell by the way his father kept glancing at the blindfold that he was just as uncomfortable as he was. The entire trek through the forest, the blindfold never once left Eret’s eyes. Every once in a while, the stranger would pause and lift their chin up to the sky like a dog sniffing the air, but otherwise there was no sign of how they knew where they were going. Even for Tubbo, who spent most of his free time in the forest, something about Eret was off.

    But even so, he couldn’t argue that Eret had saved them. Without the stranger’s help, they’d all have died, and Ranboo likely wouldn’t have been able to get through the night. Not with how much blood he was losing through his wounds.

    Eret had promised with their honey-sweet voice that they could get help for the giant, and as much as Tubbo distrusted them he had no choice but to believe them. It wasn’t like they could get Ranboo back to the village anyway, every step the giant took he grew more and more drowsy from blood-loss. Tubbo stayed near the back of the group to keep an eye on the injured giant, but it wasn’t like there was anything he could actually do to help if Ranboo couldn’t keep going. All he could do was whisper reassurances every time the giant stumbled and hope that Ranboo could make it just a bit further.

    “How much farther is your town?” Phil asked, his eyes flicking to Eret’s face, studying his reaction, “I didn’t know there was one so close.”

    Eret tilted his head up thoughtfully, the flickering torch in his hand lighting up his face like a ghost, “It’s not a town per-say; although the people stay together. I’m part of a trade caravan, I’m taking you to our temporary base.”

    “Then how the fuck are you going to help us?” Tubbo glared, earning him a sharp look from Phil, “So we’ll just be sitting in the middle of fucking nowhere so we can die there?”

    As his voice raised, Phil turned and grabbed his wrist tightly. A dangerous look spread across his face, and immediately Tubbo’s anger dissipated into embarrassment. Phil’s grip on his wrist only loosened when his eyes fell to his shoes in a half-hearted apology.

    Phil had told him before they’d started their trek to be respectful of Eret since they had no idea the stranger’s intentions. None of them knew what Eret was capable of if they upset them, and they didn’t really want to find out. But as much as Tubbo understood that, the pained whimpers coming from his best friend were slowly eating away at his resolve. Ranboo tried to keep a brave face, but the slashes adorning his body were too serious to ignore. And the blood that caked his fur made a vile feeling curl up in Tubbo’s gut.

    “Just because it’s not permanent doesn’t mean we don’t have the means to help,” Eret chuckled as he waved the torch back at Tubbo, “We have medicine that’ll help, and someone who can help your friend.”

    Tubbo’s brows pinched together as sparks flickered across his vision like fireflies. Eret’s smile flashed, and again the sensation that something was off about the stranger made alarms go off in his head.

    “Wait wait wait, hold up you’ve operated on giants before? You’ve saved them?” Jack asked in disbelief.

    Techno snarled at his outburst and tried to shove him back, but Jack twisted his way forward to stand beside Eret. He still limped a bit from where the chameleon giant had likely broken part of his leg, but otherwise he was the least injured of the group. Even Tommy who was usually the most active limped towards the back along with Tubbo and Ranboo.

    “Yes? I didn’t think that would be so controversial to you,” Eret frowned, “You…are aware you’re in the company of a giant already, correct?”

    “Yeah no shit, but he’s not like the others,” Jack blabbered.

    The laughter he earned from Eret was enough to make the stranger stop in his tracks, “If you think he’s the only good one then I guess you might be in for a shock.”

    Jack’s eyes widened, but before he could say anything Tommy’s hand found its way over his mouth. The older man shrieked at the teen, but Tommy just laughed at his struggle. 

    “Sorry ‘bout him,” Tommy said, “He’s always annoying.”

    Phil shot him a look that said he’d surely be grounded if they ever got home, “Tommy-“

    “No it’s okay,” Eret laughed, “We have kids at the post as well, I get it.”

    Tommy’s head shot up with a distressed sound, “Hey wait I’m not a-”

    Before Tommy could start his rant Jack’s hands grabbed onto his cheeks, pulling them apart. Tommy screeched at the assault and punched at the other man, but Jack danced out of the way. Even in such a terrible situation, Tubbo couldn’t help but laugh at their antics as Tommy frantically tried to bite at Jack’s fingers.

    “So… there are others?” Ranboo’s deep voice rumbled nervously.

    Reassuringly, Tubbo wrapped his arm around Ranboo’s tail as the giant paced behind them. The large appendage shook at the touch and wrapped around Tubbo’s arm as much as it could. The giant was still bleeding from where the chameleon bit him, but the herbs Eret had given him before they left helped with the pain. Although the giant still whined with every step and the tail around his arm shuddered, making Tubbo want to stop and coddle his friend.

    “Not many,” Eret shrugged, “But there are some. We actually have one that travels with us- although I wouldn’t say she’s truly a giant. It’s up to interpretation I guess.”

    Tubbo squinted at Eret’s comment, but before he could ask what they had meant a soft jingling sound met his ears. He looked around and by the confusion on his father’s face the others had heard it too. His eyes scanned the trees, but there didn’t seem to be anything amiss. There was no movement beside their group and no signs of anything following them; however, the melodic jingling sound grew louder with every step.

    Techno’s lips tightened as he nudged Eret’s shoulder, “What’s that?”

    “We’ve arrived boys,” Eret grinned.

    The tall man walked past a few trees before approaching a gigantic wall of vines hanging over a cliff like a waterfall. The wind whistled through the vines and the jingling noise almost seemed to be stemming from them. Carefully Eret pushed their hand through the sea of leaves, and dug around like they were searching for something.

    “Aha,” Eret grinned as he pulled out a dirty piece of rope from behind the vines.

    At first Tubbo was confused until Eret tugged on the rope and the vines shot upward like a curtain revealing the main act. Now in front of them, previously hidden by the vines and the shade of the cliff above was a massive clearing dug into the mountainside. Everywhere Tubbo looked he saw carts and tents and hundreds of people. Animals of all sizes and even some people that didn’t look very human roamed the clearing and even as their group walked in awe-struck none of them seemed to pay them any mind.

    “Holy shit,” Tommy gasped.

    The group walked out into the clearing behind Eret and Tubbo was immediately overwhelmed by the sounds and colors and smells. Horses whinnied from where they were tied up to wagons and closeby a man tended to a bowl filled with stew. Further in Tubbo could make out the sound of a guitar and loud rhythmic drums while the shadows of dancers flitted across the dirt.

    “Well,” Eret said, “You boys like it?”

    Tubbo barely had time to process the sights before Tommy grabbed his wrist and tugged him closer- awe clear in his eyes. Not that Tubbo blamed him, he also felt himself drawn to the color and sound of the makeshift town in front of them. Even though he loved his home he’d never seen so much life in one place. 

    “This is insane,” Jack mumbled as his eyes flitted from tent to tent.

    “I’m glad it’s to your liking,” Eret laughed as he waved for the group to follow, “Now come on you need to be patched up.”

    Tubbo followed behind his dad in silence along with Tommy and Techno. His feet squelched in the wet grass and while the cold made him cringe he couldn’t pry his eyes away from all the people. It was almost magical how much was happening in such a small space. People sung and laughed and danced with no regard for the strangers in their space.

    Only seconds later the nearby trees creaked as Ranboo slowly followed after them. Tubbo paused so he could walk with his friend, but Ranboo stopped before his whole body was out of the tree line. For a split second, Tubbo was confused until he heard the gasp of a small child nearby. The kid that had been previously chasing after a lamb stared dumbly up at the giant. Part of Tubbo wanted to shoo him away no matter how rude it would have been, but after a few seconds of staring the kid seemed to lose interest. His little feet scrambled back towards the lamb, leaving Tubbo and the giant behind.

    “They don’t care…” Ranboo whispered, his mouth wide open.

    Eret looked back and grinned at the giant. Even without his eyes he practically beamed with pride, “Of course not; our permanent residents don’t mind, although the kids will probably mess with you later.”

    Ranboo laughed nervously, shaking the ground a bit with every huff. Even with Eret’s reassurances, Tubbo could tell he wasn’t sure based on how intently he stared at any people who walked by. Some stared back at him  nervously, but most only spared him a quick glance before going back to their day. 

    Slowly but surely the group maneuvered around the outside of the massive maze of tents, some of which were almost half Ranboo’s size while some were shorter than Tubbo’s legs. Every few feet Eret would stop to greet some of the people or stop the occasional chicken from running too far into the woods. The whole situation felt alien to Tubbo, and even though his injuries still ached terribly he was too distracted by everything around him to care.

    Eventually, Eret stopped in front of a gigantic tent near the far end of the clearing. It was a bit separated from the rest and was almost as tall as Ranboo’s knees. However, the tent's size wasn’t the only thing making it stand out. The fabric covering it was a beautiful pattern of dark blue and green that almost resembled the rose bushes that grew out in the forest. The pattern was a bit streaky and uneven, but even so, it stood out against the plain colors of the other tents.

    “What’s this place?” Techno huffed as Eret studied the front of the tent.

    “Oh just a friend’s place,” Eret hummed thoughtfully, “Aha there!”

    Quickly, they dug their hand into the patterned fabric and revealed a small lever attached to the wooden frame. They tugged on the lever and while the wood was quiet, the sound it caused was almost enough to make Tubbo cover his ears. The piercing shrieks rang out through the tent until finally, someone yelled out in frustration from the inside. Faintly, Tubbo could make out two voices-one loud and one quieter- as they both yelled until the metallic squealing stopped.

    “Ah, so I see Serena’s new doorbell still isn’t working,” Eret laughed.

    The stranger ran their hand back through his hair, fixing it from the wind before they pulled open the tent’s flaps. From where he was standing at the back of the group Tubbo could just barely make out a dim light in the tent before Eret stepped in front of it.

    Phil went to follow, but Eret blocked the entrance with a hesitant smile, “I’m sorry but you can’t come in, I’ll be right back. I promise.”

     Phil’s brows furrowed; however, one look back at his family was enough proof that they had no room to argue. Every one of them was still injured, and Ranboo was still barely staying awake at the back of the group. Not to mention that with Eret’s skills Tubbo doubted any of them would be able to get very far even if they did plan to run.

    As the flaps of the tent flew shut Ranboo’s tail pushed against Tubbo’s side. Tubbo glanced up at the giant and could see the pain painted across his features. Every few seconds Ranboo’s lips would twitch downwards- from pain or exhaustion, Tubbo wasn’t sure. Carefully, he ran his fingers through Ranboo’s soft tail to comfort him, and the purring that vibrated through him made him smile. The giant’s eyes closed contently as his fingers scratched at the skin underneath, and Tubbo wanted nothing more than to climb up onto his chest and fall asleep.

    “I really don’t like this,” Techno muttered after a few minutes of silence, “What the hell is he doing in there? For all, we know this is a trap.”

    Phil sighed and defeatedly sat down in the grass, “It’s not like we have a choice, Techno. You know I wouldn’t put any of you in danger if I didn’t have to.”

    “Yeah, but are we really going to sit here for god knows how long so that bastard can create some fucking poison or shit,” Jack spat at the ground, “I don’t trust this. No fucking way.”

    “I know Jack, believe me,” Phil said.

    Jack shot up in frustration but the second his lips parted the tent’s curtains opened again. Curiously, Tubbo’s eyes darted towards the movement. He expected Eret or maybe whoever had been yelling earlier; however, when the tent’s flaps opened he swore his heart froze.

    Eret walked out with his lips tight and silently held the flap open for someone else. A shadow fell over their group as a large form came into the open, and even though Tubbo spent most of his time with a giant, the deep-rooted fear he’d had since childhood made his hand itch towards his sword. The giant was fairly small, only about thirty or so feet, but he knew better than to underestimate any of the forest’s creatures. For god’s sake, only a few hours earlier Ranboo had almost been killed by something much smaller than him.

    “What the-” Phil snarled as he whipped out his sword. Eret immediately shot forward to try to disarm Phil, but his father was quicker. With rage in his eyes, he shoved the butt of his sword into Eret’s chest and went straight for the giant. 

    “Wait please!” Eret shouted.

    The man on the ground lunged for Phil’s legs to pull him down, but Techno stopped him with his boot. He slammed his foot down on Eret’s arm making him hiss in pain.

    “Please let me explain,” Eret put his hands out in surrender, “I promise she’s not dangerous.”

    “Yeah okay like I’ll fucking believe that,” Jack spat even as Tommy tried to hold him back from attacking Eret himself.

    Part of Tubbo agreed with Jack. The fear of giants instilled in him since birth made him want to treat this new giant as a threat; however, the months he had spent in the woods with his monster child and his giant best friend made him more unsure. The more he studied the giant the more afraid she looked. Her arms held her chest nervously and every time any of them yelled or moved closer her eyes flickered to her tent nervously like she wanted to retreat. 

    “Please let me explain,” Eret said as he tried to push himself up off the dirt while still putting himself between Phil’s sword and the giant, “She can help you, she’s our best doctor.”

    “Her?” Jack scoffed. 

    Phil shot him a warning look before slowly sheathing his sword. Tubbo swore he could almost hear the breath of relief from the blindfolded man as the blade returned to Phil’s side.

    “If you’ll let me...I can help.”

    Tubbo stared up in shock at the sound of the giant’s voice. It was a light and shook with worry like the birds that sang at night around town, but even through her nervousness, he could tell she was being sincere. She had the same expression Ranboo had when he had first met Wilbur, like she was scared they would run at the slightest movement. As she spoke Ranboo’s tail tightened around Tubbo’s chest like a snake, and when he looked up to see his friend he had the most awe-struck expression on his face. Ranboo’s eyes were as wide as the ponds back at the village and even with his face bloodied his mouth hung open in a goofy excited way. 

    If Ranboo liked the new giant, Tubbo guessed he could try too.

    Aghast, Phil’s mouth gaped at the giant before he let his head fall to his chest nervously. His hand’s fiddled with his sword, and his eyes stayed glued to the girl towering over him.

    “Of course I- I overreacted,” Phil muttered, “Forgive us.”

    “I probably should have warned you first,” Eret shook his head as he pushed himself up off the ground, “I promise she’s harmless.”

    The giant scoffed and nudged Eret with her foot, almost pushing him over again. Even though the action was small both Phil and Techno jumped back towards the rest of the group- their shoulders tense. At their discomfort, the new giant’s eyes widened before settling into a frown. Even though she looked much more human than Ranboo, Tubbo couldn’t help but draw a comparison in the way her face melted at the human’s fear.

    “Oh sorry- uh I’m Aimsey,” the giant said meekly, “And yeah I can help. I’ve got some medicine. Just follow me.”

    Phil’s throat bobbed, “Yes, we’ll uh…we’ll be right in.”

    Aimsey’s eyebrows drew together as she nodded down at Phil. Techno still seemed tense with his hand on his sword, but Phil just seemed defeated. When Aimsey and Eret disappeared back into her massive tent his shoulders dropped and his hand pulled at his hair.

    “Dad?” Tommy asked, “You good mate?”

    Phil just shook his head and grabbed onto Tommy’s wrist like his life depended on it. Lamely his mouth opened and closed before he settled on pulling his son close to his chest. Tubbo felt his heart swell at the sight but only seconds later he was pulled in too, along with Techno. His head was pressed tightly against his dad’s chest and he could almost hear his heartbeat thumping under his skin. Delicate calloused fingers ran through his hair; however, what should have been comforting quickly turned worrisome as his hair grew wet. He tried to lift his head up, but Phil’s hands pulled him back to his chest.

    “Dad…” Techno hummed.

    And that was all that Phil needed for his walls to crumble. A weak sob broke out of his chest as he held his kids close. All four of them were bloodied and injured, but still, he held them tightly, like they would vanish if he let go.

    For a minute Phil stayed like that with his family in his arms until something warm and soft wrapped around the group along with another body. Tubbo pushed his head out just enough to see Ranboo pushing Jack into the group and wrapping his tail around them like a blanket. 

    “I’m sorry,” Phil broke as he leaned into Ranboo’s fluff, “I shouldn’t be crying right now, fuck.”

    The giant above them keened at his words and shuffled closer, his shadow covering everything his tail couldn’t. And even though Jack had done nothing but complain about Ranboo the whole time he still leaned into the giant’s protection.

    After a few seconds, a faint rumbling shook the group and Tubbo glared up at Ranboo who was purring with his eyes closed like a dog basking in the sun. Phil laughed through his tears and pulled everyone closer before drying his eyes with his sleeve. His face was still red, but a small smile pulled at his lips.

    “Thank you,” he laughed weakly as he tugged his hat down over his face.

    Slowly, Ranboo’s tail unwound itself from the group and let Phil step away. Looking at his dad’s face Tubbo was almost reminded of how devastated Phil had looked after he had lost his eye or when Wil had gone missing. It was the look of a man who had already lost too much to the forest and was unwilling to lose anyone or anything else.

    “Alright…” Phil said, “We go in, yeah?”

    Slowly, Phil pulled open the flaps of the massive tent and walked in first. There was a moment of silence before he turned back and ushered for the rest of the group to follow him. Techno was first, followed by Tommy and Jack, leaving Tubbo and Ranboo outside.

    “Will you be okay?” Tubbo frowned up at the bloodied giant.

    Ranboo’s eyes flitted over to the tent that was far too small for him and shrugged. His lips pulled together in a tight line before he quickly bent down to bump his nose against Tubbo. Reassuringly, Tubbo dug his fingers into the soft fur of his nose and leaned his forehead against him. The giant’s breath washed over him and the warmth made him want to just stay there with him.

    “I’ll be right back for you okay?” Tubbo hummed.

    The giant purred, vibrating Tubbo’s whole body before he nudged the human up to the tent with his nose.

    “I’ll be okay,” Ranboo said, “Just don't forget about me out here.”

    “How could I ever, you’re too clingy for that,” Tubbo laughed, earning a snort from the giant.

    One last time he reached out to press his hands into Ranboo’s soft fur before he stepped back to the tent. With a deep breath he opened the flaps, and when he finally stepped inside the smell of cinnamon and cloves flooded his nose. The curtains fluttered shut behind him, but he was only focused on the pure variety of things in the tent.

    In the center, Aimsey sat cross-legged on a colorful knitted rug with rolls of bandages next to her. In front of her, Tommy kneeled down as she wiped a cloth over the scratches adorning his arms. Every so often he whimpered in pain as the water burned his wounds, but he urged her to keep going. Across from Aimsey, Eret dug through a wooden box pulling out different bundles of herbs and jars of colorful liquids. Some of them looked familiar, matching the medicines Ponk kept in his office but the ones Eret had out on a small table next to him looked wildly unfamiliar. One particular set of herbs was almost completely yellow and made Tubbo’s nose scrunch up at the scent of rotten eggs. 

    Along the other side of the tent Eret, Jack, Phil, and Techno sat on long stretches of fabric almost like cots while a dark-haired (human) girl watched over them. Above head strings of beads and dried flowers hung like streamers, and a small black bird sitting on a wooden perch chirped happily at Tubbo’s presence.

    “Welcome in,” Aimsey smiled reassuringly, “You can sit on any of the cots. Serena can help with stitches if you need ‘em, and Eret is getting the meds.”

    The girl next to his dad’s cot, who he assumed was Serena, waved at Tubbo and patted the empty stretch of fabric next to her invitingly. He still felt out of place in the colorful and busy tent, but slowly he made his way over to sit next to his family. It was a bit of a jump to get onto the empty cot, but after a few tries he was able to push himself up. Beside him Jack was already snoring away, his face pressed into the fabric and drool pooling up underneath him. The part of Tubbo that had been heavily influenced by Tommy wanted to wake him up to make fun of him, but he didn’t think Phil would be happy with him if he did.

    “Serena is it?” Techno asked as he pulled his legs up to his chest like a little kid.

    The girl who was kneeling next to Phil’s cot stitching up the gash in his arm nodded, not turning her attention away from her work. Every few seconds her glasses fell down her nose and she had to readjust them, but otherwise, Tubbo couldn’t tell if she was aware of anything outside the needle in her hand.

    “Yep that's me,” she mumbled.

    Across the room, Aimsey chuckled and waved her hand at the human girl, “Serena’s just focused, she's usually much more fun.”

    Serena shot Aimsey a glare before returning to her work on Phil’s arm. As much as Tubbo hated needles he had to admit her work was impressive. Her fingers moved back and forth like it was second nature and within minutes Phil’s wound was closed up. When she finally cut the last of the thread Phil stretched out his arm in front of him, studying the blue stitches running up his skin in a jagged line.

    “That should be good for now, although I wouldn’t recommend doing anything extreme,” Serena smiled, “They're coated in bluebell nectar so it should also help with the pain a bit.”

    Phil nodded thankfully before Eret walked up to the cots. A selection of herbs and bottles were piled up in his arms as he knelt down. Carefully he dropped them on the empty cot next to Jack and rearranged them into small piles. Each one had one bottle of blue liquid along with four different herbs.

    “Alright this should be good,” Eret nodded, “Everyone take one- it’ll help with the healing process.” 

    Tubbo leaned over and snatched a pile from the cot before lifting the bundle of leaves up to his nose. They smelled bitter like the medicine Ponk would give him for colds but they were much more colorful than anything they had back at the village. Slowly, he uncorked the bottle but before he could drink any he heard Tommy gasp from the other side of the group.

    He turned his head to the commotion and found Tommy gagging on the floor as he spat out his own medicine. 

    “This is fucking poison there's no way,” Tommy snapped, “You’re trying to kill me.”

    Aimsey laughed and grabbed Tommy to hold him down, “You have to take it otherwise you’re going to be stuck here for days. It’s not that bad.”

    Tommy stuck out his tongue and the giant and made a rude gesture with his hands before downing the rest of the bottle. As soon as the last drop disappeared he gasped for breath and dramatically fell back onto the ground. 

    “God, just as dramatic as always,” Techno huffed as he drank his bottle with ease.

    Tubbo also couldn’t help but laugh at Tommy’s antics. His own bottle of medicine went down relatively easy, but he could see why Tommy hated it so much. The bitter liquid coated his throat like glue and made every inch of his mouth feel tingly and numb.

    A few minutes later Aimsey sent Tommy back to one of the cots to be looked over by Serena and ushered for Tubbo to come sit near her in the middle of the tent. In the chaos, he had almost forgotten about his injuries, no matter how dumb that seemed. However, now that he was sitting down the cuts and bruises covering his chest and arms felt like fire.

    “Alright, I’m just going to take a look and bandage you up okay?” Aimsey hummed reassuringly as she ripped off a new piece of bandage.

    Tubbo nodded nonchalantly, not really caring as he instead focused on the giant in front of him. Carefully, she lifted his arms up with her thumb and rubbed at some of the dried blood there with a rag. The sharp pain from the water made Tubbo flinch and, in turn, made Aimsey pause nervously.

    “No no, you’re okay,” Tubbo hissed, “Just hurts a bit.”

    Her brows furrowed in thought before she slowly went back to her task. This time when the wet towel rubbed against his cuts he did his best to hide the pain from the giant. When she finally started wrapping up his wounds he started to get lost in thought staring at her. It was strange how human she looked. While Ranboo was very human in personality, he was far from human with his looks. He looked more like a giant cat than anything. However, Aimsey looked almost exactly like a human besides her obvious size difference. As far as Tubbo could tell she had no sharp teeth, no horns, not even claws. It was almost like someone just took a human and stretched them.

    “Alright you’re all set,” Aimsey smiled, breaking Tubbo’s train of thought. 

    “Oh thank you,” Tubbo said.

    Aimsey nodded and patted his back with her giant thumb, “No problem. Now lay down, god knows you need the rest.”

    Tubbo’s feet dragged through the dirt floor as he made his way back to the cots. The soft fabric felt like a cloud under him even though it was as thin as a blanket. The combination of the exhaustion from the earlier fight and the medicine from earlier made his body feel like lead. However, before he could fall asleep he heard Aimsey’s hushed voice as she spoke to Eret. He couldn’t make out much of the conversation but one word drew his attention.


    He knew they were probably only talking about how to help Ranboo, but still, the idea of leaving his friend alone in their care while he slept made him feel uneasy. He still wasn’t sure if he trusted Eret, even if Aimsey and Serena seemed kind. And after watching Eret single-handedly take down an entire giant he wasn’t sure how he felt about leaving his best friend with a stranger.

    He heard the flaps of the tent open and close, and with a sudden burst of energy he pushed himself up to follow. Serena tilted her head at him questioningly but he just waved her off. He didn’t care if he needed to rest, he wanted to make sure Ranboo was okay. His joints ached in protest as he walked out into the cold clearing, but his mind was set.

    The sound of crickets and owls flooded his ears and the familiar smell of wet grass made him feel at home. However, what brought a smile to his face wasn’t the familiarity of the woods, but the giant that was now sleeping curled up in front of the tent like a cat.

    Aimsey walked around his sleeping form, pushing fur out of the way to get a better scope of his injuries. At her touch the giant whimpered, and while Tubbo knew she hadn’t hurt him, the sound still made his chest feel tight.

    “How is he?” Tubbo asked, making Aimsey jump.

    The smaller giant exhaled deeply, “He’ll be okay, he just has a lot of wounds that need to be cleaned before they get infected. Nothing too serious though.”

    Tubbo winced at the thought and moved closer to Ranboo’s sleeping face. Even with blood covering his cheeks, his presence made Tubbo feel warm and happy like a warm fire during the winter. 

    “That’s good…” Tubbo said, “I was really worried about him.”

    Absent-mindedly, his hands ran over the tip of Ranboo’s nose. Even in his sleep, the giant pushed forward against him with a low grunt.

    “It’s very sweet you know,” Aimsey hummed as she wiped away some of the blood from Ranboo’s arm, “Don’t usually see humans that are nice to giants, even the nice ones.”

    “Yeah well he’s certainly won me over,” Tubbo chuckled fondly.

    Aimsey nodded and glanced at Ranboo’s face with a knowing grin, “I can see that.” 

    Tubbo leaned closer against Ranboo’s cheek until he was surrounded by the giant’s fluff. As tired as he was he wanted to keep an eye on Ranboo, which unfortunately meant staying awake while Aimsey worked on him. He let her work in silence for a while just watching the stars twinkle above them and listening to Ranboo’s slow breaths.

    After almost an hour of fighting against sleep, Aimsey made a triumphant sound and tied off the last bandage around Ranboo’s wrist. Tubbo realized with a start he must have accidentally dozed off more than he thought since all of Ranboo’s wounds were now cleaned and bandaged.

    “Thank you for helping him,” Tubbo whispered through his sleep-ridden mind.

    Aimsey just nodded and continued to stare through Ranboo, past the trees. Confusion crossed Tubbo’s mind until he realized with a start that tears were budding up in her eyes. The dim light from the moon just barely reflected the wetness, but even still Tubbo could hear her labored breaths.

    “Are you okay?” Tubbo tilted his head.

    The giant shrugged and let her head fall to her chest. Her mess of long dark hair almost looked like a waterfall under the light.

    “Yeah I’m fine…” she shuddered, “Just get some rest…I’ll bring a blanket out so you can stay with him.”

    Tubbo wanted to argue and pry, but exhaustion beat down his strength like a hammer. He watched sadly as Aimsey dried her eyes and disappeared back into her tent leaving him alone with Ranboo. The dim light of the stars blurred in his vision, and before Aimsey could come back he’d fallen asleep, tucked up against Ranboo’s fur. 

    #friendly giant au #mcyt g/t#mcyt gt#zeetles art#corywrites #g!ranboo #g!aimsey #t!tubbo #t!tommy
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  • corysmiles
    31.12.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Art of axolotl friends au Ranboo by my beloved @leetlezeetle


    ( @plant-gt-thought-box TAKE A LOOK AT THIS!!!)

    #NOT MY ART #SEND ZEETLE LOVE #THEY DESERVE IT #axolotl friends au #t!ranboo #zeetle s art my beloved #mcyt g/t#mcyt gt
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  • leetlezeetle
    12.11.2021 - 6 monts ago

    It’s a Zeetle! :]


    And the BEANS oh my GOSH this art style is so flipping cute I cannot handle it thank you so much holy crap AH

    #z speaks#Zeetle #not my art #cory my beloved #ask
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  • leetlezeetle
    14.09.2021 - 8 monts ago

    I am ignoring lore until I can watch the vods so have this doodle I made at work

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  • leetlezeetle
    13.09.2021 - 8 monts ago


    Look what I commissioned from @ratspleen :D


    You made my character Zeetle looks so cute and so good I cannot express with words how much I love this. I absolutely adore your art style and I look forward to commissioning you again the future! 💖

    Y'all should go check out their page for some more amazing art and an absolutely amazing fanfic as well!

    #not my art #ratspleen my beloved #I LOVE#SO MUCH#AAAAAAAA#💖#z speaks #Zeetle!! #it them! #it me!
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  • cyncerity
    22.04.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    The results for the Bet on the Crown Beeduo species are in!!

    Honestly, that’s a lot closer than I thought it would be. It was mostly the second option in the lead for the most part, but over the course of the day there were a lot more votes for the first option last minute, which I thought was weird.

    But, seeing as that won, even if it wasn’t by that much, Ranboo is going to be an average height enderman and Tubbo will be a fae!! (idk exact heights yet I’ll figure it out later)

    But! If you’re sad that Ranboo isn’t a mini giant and Tubbo isn’t human I may have a solution!

    @leetlezeetle made a really good mini-giant Ranboo and human Tubbo au series on their blog called the Above Average AU, so go check that out! There’s art, fully written short stories, and it’s all just so cute and so wholesome and Zeetle is just such a talented creator that I can’t recommend them enough💖

    #cyncerity#mcyt g/t#mcyt gt #bet on the crown au
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  • little-bit-o-bricks
    30.12.2021 - 4 monts ago

    New g/t idea

    The idea is a little bit based on Zeetle’s Above Average au but the world building is based on a oc g/t story I read on deviant art years ago that I can no longer find lol.

    In this world there are three kinds of people, tinies, humans, and giants. Tinies are around 6 inches tall, humans are.. yaknow human sized, and giants are more like mini-giants, averaging around 16 feet tall, but can be closer to 20.

    Everyone is born tiny sized, once they hit puberty they either stay the same or grow into their true size. Though the species of your parents can be a factor in your species it’s not reliable to guess based on them. Plenty of humans are born to families made of entirely tiny family members and vise versa for all the species. Despite how common mismatched families are, it’s really common for children to be given up if they grow into a different species than their parents. Sometimes the parents are just being terrible but a lot of times tiny or human families won’t have the resources to care for their growing children, and are forced to give them up for a better chance. The government is shit and doesn’t have anything in place to help the afflicted families.

    Humans are the most common species (i’m thinking its because of evolution, and the world was just easier to maneuver and the resources were properly sized for them to use idk) and they’re more likely to work in more popularity based careers like actors, politicians, and, as you might have guessed, internet influencers, because of that.

    If I were to turn this idea into a story (which I may have already started doing) Ranboo would be a late bloomer giant who thought he was human until he started growing rapidly over the months that he stays in the U.K. with Tubbo. 

    Ofc because it’s me writing this there is gonna be alot of angst about Ranboo being insecure and scared of his change, with his friends having to learn to deal with the new challenges of a giant friend. And maybe even the obstical of some assholes on the internet. But don’t worry, I love hurt/comfort so it’s all going to work out in the end.

    let me know if you’d like to hear more about this idea and if you’d like to see me actually work on the story.

    #mcyt g/t#g/t#giant ranboo #mini giant ranboo #what do you think? #also what should I call this? #maybe Late Bloomer? idk
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  • leetlezeetle
    06.08.2021 - 9 monts ago

    I'm going to log off off Tumblr for the day for the Post+ protest!

    I'll work on some art in the meantime and play Minecraft, see y'all later!

    Zeetle, signing off 👋

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