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  • ilkuni
    26.05.2022 - 9 minutes ago

    — sending them the lyrics of troye sivan's angel baby

    featuring. thoma, kazuha, zhongli, itto, childe, xiao warnings. none! note. not an update but i wanted to try something hehe
    #I JUST LOVE THE SONG SO MUCH OKAY #makes me wanna fall in l0ve aw #lmk if u like these types of posts hehe #genshin smau#genshinimpact smau#zhongli smau#thoma smau#itto smau#childe smau#kaeya smau#kazuha smau#xiao smau #genshin x reader #genshin imagines
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  • akanes-sekai
    26.05.2022 - 14 minutes ago

    genshin characters as romance tropes!

    characters: kokomi, venti, signora, xiao, zhongli, thoma

    a/n: might make a part 2

    !!: angst, fluff, hurt with debatable/no comfort

    kokomi: first love

    — your first love is unforgettable. no matter how you try and convince yourself that you've moved on, or that they're just a friend, that is a lie. the wound will always be fresh and open. kokomi is perfect. she is sweet, kind, amazing, intelligent, beautiful.

    — kokomi, who lights up the your world and is the only reason why time continues to pass. kokomi, who is the divine priestess, who has responsibilities greater than you.

    — kokomi, who has less and less time to spend with you, whose ocean eyes represent a sea of tears. who eventually seems to have forgotten what the two of you once were.

    — kokomi, unforgettable as a friend and as a crush, who sends you a letter stained with tears - how sorry she is, how much she did love you back, and how she still couldn't go back to you.

    — just because something is unforgettable doesn't mean it's made to last.

    venti: the one that got away

    — venti loves you. he is a fierce hurricane that forced its way into your life, bringing you anywhere and everywhere the wind blows. he wants to do everything with you.

    — but he thinks: did he come on too strong? that is his thought when you push away his bouquet of cecilias. you love him, you say, but not enough, not now.

    — he leaves. he won't wait around for you, because if you can't give him your heart now, you might not give it fully ever, and he's not betting on the chance you will.

    — you never see him again, and as the sun sets for the thousandth time at your meeting place after he left and you realised how much you love him, you want another chance with him, the one that got away.

    signora: right person, wrong time

    — even after 500 years or so, her heart still burns to avenge her past lover. any capacity to love in her heart is gone, replaced with hatred for the gods and the world.

    — when she meets you, she does genuinely like you, and wants to get to know you better, but she needs to settle what happened with her past lover. she can't love right now, she isn't ready for it.

    — as ei walks towards her, she is reminded of you and her past love. how she couldn't move on, and how she wished she could love you now. she knows she'll never be ready to love someone else, but she hoped, and hoped, even as the sword fell, that she could live to see you again.

    xiao: forbidden lovers

    — xiao's heart is vulnerable, almost as if untouched by his long life.

    — xiao is selfless. he gives his entire self to you, the one he loves, and he loves you more than anything. enough to pull away from his duties for you, to start a quiet life with you somewhere.

    — he covers it up with things like 'mortals could never understand an adeptus' or 'i must fulfill my duty without distractions' but he dreams, sweet lovely dreams of being with you.

    — xiao does not want to hurt you, and he can't seem to fathom the thought that he deserves much more than this life of self-imposed solitude. but the excuses he makes could end up pushing away the one person he loves who loves him back.

    zhongli: in another life

    — zhongli carries many burdens.

    — 6000 years of living, immortality, and his impeccable memory, along with being the god of contracts.

    — but being with you makes all that weight melt away, if only temporarily. the way you love is free, as he would like to be - giving your heart to him without expecting a thing.

    — however, zhongli knows that a part of him will always lie with his late friend, guizhong, and his godly duties. he fears that he may one day have to choose between his contracts and you, and he'd never want to or be prepared to make that choice.

    — maybe one day, without these shackles, he can love you freely.

    thoma: big brother's best friend

    — sweet thoma.

    — your brother's kind best friend, who tried to include you when you wanted to be included. who treated you nicer than your brother when he came over, who said the prettiest things to you, like 'come over, pretty, let's play together' despite your brother's protests.

    — the one who stayed with you when your brother was busy, who listened to you talk for hours on end sometimes, and made you feel like the only one in the world.

    — whose green eyes looked like fresh grass thriving in a field of flowers, and shone even brighter when you told him you liked him.

    — who spun you around, and kissed you like you were the only one he could ever love.

    #kokomi#venti#signora#la signora#xiao#zhongli#thoma #kokomi x reader #venti x reader #signora x reader #xiao x reader #zhongli x reader #thoma x reader #hc#genshin#genshin impact
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  • blueberryfrappuccino
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I'm thinking about joining in on the Social media AU's and wanted to pitch this little idea, I was thinking to make it a Fem!Reader x Childe or would Fem!Reader x Xiao be more fun?

    But the idea:

    A new guy joins the school after Y/N became unwillingly class president, getting tasked to make Childe feel welcome at school. But she hates him and he can't keep his eyes off her. And though they are off-screen each other's enemies, they are sworn friends on-screen.

    So what will happen if two streamers collide with each other, without knowing they actually know each other?

    Basically, both Childe and Reader are streamers, Childe verified while Reader just streams for fun. They somehow got in contact through a game and found out they were a great team together. Both don't really watch each other streams, meaning they don't know how the other looks.

    I know it's confusing! I have to work it out more but would people be interested in reading this? It will be a mix of messages (screens of that ykwim) and written parts to give it more detail.

    Let me know your thoughts!

    #genshin impact childe x reader #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact x female reader #genshin x reader #childe x fem!reader #childe tartagalia #childe x reader #tartaglia x fem!reader #tartaglia x reader #genshin impact tartaglia #childe fluff#childe angst#one shot#zombie apocalypse#alternate universe#diluc ragnvindr#zhongli#xiao#childe #genshin impact modern au #genshin impact au #genshin impact xiao x reader #xiao x reader
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  • itsfailuree
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Geo team 🪨

    free to use / follow me on pinterest @/itsfailuree

    ☆ like or reblog if you save!

    #genshin impact #albedo genshin impact #arataki itto genshin impact #gorou genshin impact #ningguang genshin impact #noelle genshin impact #yun jin genshin impact #zhongli genshin impact #genshin impact edit #genshin stuff #genshin impact layouts #genshin layouts #free to use #free to reblog
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  • diornio
    26.05.2022 - 1 hour ago

    전 : genshin impact icons !! ૮ ’• ˕ •` ა . . . fav or reblog if you like it — I appreciate credits.

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  • jafndaegur
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Of Jade and Claw

    Zhongitto Week | Day 1 | Visions

    Genshin Impact

    Rating: T

    a/n: that's right, I came back from the dead to write about a dumbass dragon falling in love with a himbo.

    Hu Tao was a flurry of excitement as she burst into the unassuming parlor. Zhongli looked up from a series of obituaries he had been scripting. Her crimson eyes were ablaze with mischief and her lips drawn into the widest of smiles.

    A flash of fondness ran through Zhongli’s chest. He was glad that Liyue had prospered and survived enough that on any given day, anyone could smile so carefree without the worry of what would come the next minute or hour. Seeing the Wangsheng Funeral parlor’s director so happy-go-lucky was always a treat.

    “Mr. Zhongli! Have you not gone out yet to investigate?” She practically bounced from the walls.

    A puzzled expression scrunched his brows. So there’d been a catalyst for her exuberance. “I fear I’ve been busy preparing for the next few rituals. You’ll have to forgive me.”

    “They say there’s a man stealing lotus and fish in Yujing Terrace!” She squawked, bouncing on her toes. “He’s big and tall with great horns atop his head. Many believe he’s a rampant adeptus that came down from Jueyun Karst!”

    A rogue adeptus? Zhongli frowned. With horns?

    A faint twinge tugged at his throat and a man with glittering ruby eyes and proud gilded horns fluttered in his mind’s eye—but he was far too old to wallow in the memory of a ghost, and chased it away with a deep breath. He knew many of the adepti, and while some like Yanfei had not been able to make a contract with him, he kept himself well-informed of any who may be hiding in the woodwork. This newcomer so far sounded nothing like any of his disciples.

    “And the Milileth are letting this oncomer do as he pleases?” Zhongli asked, straightening his gloves as he stood.

    “I heard that Lady Ningguang has summoned a few to deal with it at their discretion,” Hu Tao said. “He’s causing more of a spectacle than any actual trouble.”

    Ah the Tianquan, ever reliable. He smoothed out his waistcoat and gave a nonchalant wave. “Perhaps I will go observe the ordeal myself—something to shake the monotony of the day, yes?”

    “You know you’re curious!” Hu Tao teased. “Go have fun, consider it a company break!”

    Zhongli huffed lightly and departed from the parlor. Sure enough, even from the bottom of the hill, he could see a small crowd rushing towards Yujing Terrace. While he took an extremely passive guard on Liyue, if any at all, he did not like the idea of an adeptus mucking about the city when the Qixing and ruling Adepti had finally come to a fragile truce. Perhaps he could have a word with them and bring about a line of reason with the stranger. He’d help them see it would be best to move on or conform to a tighter code of decorum while visiting Liyue Harbor.

    You’ve grown uptight, haven’t you Morax? It was a tender and baritone voice, one that caused him to nearly pause his steps. Perhaps he hadn’t chased away the phantom from earlier.

    He made his way up the staircase to where a handful of people chattered between various tones of mocking and concern.

    Sure enough, as Hu Tao described, a rather large man splashed about in the pond at the terrace. His arms were laden with lotus heads and he seemed to be currently occupied chasing a fish around in circles. Zhongli felt an exasperated exhale tear past his lips. He’d never known one of his own to be so…lacking in awareness. Still as he observed the stranger, he realized that this was not an adeptus. The tattoos along tanned skin were not of Liyue origins, his horns were shaped incorrectly, his clothes styled differently, and his face the wrong shape. This was not one of the Liyue adepti. Which made him an unknown potential threat to the harbor.

    Zhongli felt this was a matter for the Milileth and began to step away until he thought of the Traveler. He’d just visited with his friend recently for the past Lantern Rite. Had it been the Traveler here instead of an old and retired Archon, they’d rush in to interrogate without question.

    Shake up the monotony, huh? He wondered to himself for a beat. He finally had the opportunity he’d dreamt of for centuries. To see a problem and be able to walk away—to not shoulder the responsibility of being required to attend to the situation. Zhongli was not Morax, he was just a mortal man with a geo vision…

    He was not…

    The soles of his shoes scraped across the cobblestone as he halted.

    Perhaps, even as the Harbor faded into the end of a day and many began their walk homes for the night—he could not fully abandon the role as a sentinel.

    A dragon was a fierce guardian, vigilant and discerning even as it grew old with the world around it. And while Zhongli was a man, the heart of a dragon beat fiercely beneath his ribs—resonating as vibrantly as the Vision at the back of his coat.

    Shaking his head, he turned towards the pond and leaned over the guard rail.

    “Excuse me,” he called out.

    The man with horns whipped around and Zhongli decided he made a horrible decision. Eyes of amber and ruby gazed at him with thrill and a smile spread from ear to ear. A Geo Vision nestled comfortably on a bare collarbone.

    “Hey there! Boy, glad you showed up, I was in need of an extra hand here!” The man thrust the pile of lotus against Zhongli’s chest without a warning.

    Spluttering, Zhongli clutched the lotus instinctually to keep them from falling. That irritating dragon’s heart? It thundered violently against his sternum with a ferocity that made him want to roar out. Those eyes. He knew eyes almost identical to those. Recalling them was as easy as breathing—he could remember them so well, so intimately. He’d spent centuries carving eyes like those from the finest of gems, bringing them to help a blind creature see. Countless decades went by where he gazed into those eyes, memorizing every expression and look they had to offer. But as the strange man bounded immediately over to the fish that had previously garnered his attention—he knew those were not Azhdaha’s eyes.

    He knew that was not Azhdaha. His luck ran ill with spectres today.

    Yet, red eyes had always heralded something exciting and fortuitous in his life. Sucking in a breath, Zhongli grit out. “Might I inquire as to why you’re gallivanting in a public pond?”

    “Well, I was taking me a nice little walk, ya know—enjoying this killer Liyue weather, when I came across this place!” The man gripped the fish triumphantly in his hand, black claws digging into scaly sides to keep his prey from writhing out of his grasp. “It’s awfully nice for the Liyue officials to leave all this free food for people to come pick! Scrounging for a meal is so much worse in Inazuma, if it’s not some dang treasure hoarder stealing rations then you can bet the local ronin have raided any resources.”

    And so the puzzle pieces fell into place. A kinder look seeped onto Zhongli's face and he stared at the pods in his arms. He remembered a time of scavenging for food—working tirelessly to make sure both he and his people were fed and cared for.

    At the end of the day, he was a dragon—and a dragon protected his own without question.

    “I fear I did not catch your name,” Zhongli said.

    “Ah, where are my manners? New places, new faces, I get distracted so easily. I’d lose my head if I wasn’t so dang smart,” the man laughed with a contagious liveliness. “The name’s Arataki Itto!”

    The exuberance, while mildly overbearing, was refreshing—and one that Zhongli found almost endearing. This oni was absolutely unphased by the entire situation. “Well, Mr. Itto. If you don't mind, why don’t you join me for lunch? That way you may leave some fish and lotus behind for others to enjoy? If you pick them all, there will not be any left.”

    Itto gasped. “You’re right! I didn’t even think of that, great call…uh, sorry what’s your name?”


    “Well then, you’re an absolute saint, Zhongli. Thanks for pointing that out. Guess my stomach got the better of me! Wouldn’t want anyone who needs this more to not get their share.”

    Zhongli turned around as Itto heaved himself out of the water. His clothes hung like wet rugs, heavy and almost dragging, and his sandles squeaked obnoxiously against the stone. Together they made their way from the Terrace. Observing from the top tier, Zhongli caught sight from the corner of his eye of the Tianquan watching him. He smiled to himself. Yes, he supposed it was odd for anyone who knew him to see him interfere.

    But in the brief interaction, Zhongli recognized the struggle of someone young and strong—forcing themselves to carve forward despite the hardships around them.

    “What brings you to Liyue, Mr. Itto?” he asked politely.

    “Oh gods, just Itto please—you’ll make me feel like an old fart otherwise.” Itto chuckled, waving the fish still in his hand like a handkerchief. “Now that the Vision Hunt decree is over back home, I’m looking for work to help support my gang. A buddy of mine travels all over Teyvat and suggested that I try my luck here in the harbor.”

    His Vision had been confiscated…Zhongli spared a tender glance to the choker around Itto’s neck where the golden gem hung. To tear a Vision from a wielder is often debilitating and most do not recover. It took a strong will and an even stronger heart to survive the theft of dreams incarnate.

    “Hey, my guy! We’re matching!”

    Much to Zhongli’s mortification, Itto tapped the matching Vision at his back.

    “Yes, I noticed such earlier,” Zhongli tried to hold in any protest. “A chosen one of Rex Lapis.” What had I been thinking?

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  • winebegetswisdom
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    「刃/Blade」 Honkai: Star Rail

    Damn hoyoverse and their sexy men. 

    Blade - Character Showcase

    We can all agree that red 🤝 black = hot, sexy, fine

    #honkai star rail #honkai#star rail #honkai: star rail #honkai impact #honkai impact 3rd #honkai impact 3 #blade #honkai star rail blade #hsr#崩坏星穹铁道#星穹铁道 #hot anime man #hot anime boy #he reminds me of zhongli
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  • withloveajaxx
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    genshin men as types of valorant/video game players

    𓂅 genre: modern streamer! scaramouche, childe, kaeya, itto, xiao, albedo, diluc, thoma, venti, kazuha, dainsleif, and zhongli x gn! reader crack

    𓂅 warnings: none

    𓂅 summary: as populer streamers in the gaming community, how do the genshin boys act in their games?

    𓂅 note: this just popped up in my head and i really wanted to write it down. these hcs are formatted and written a lil differently since i was too tired to write hcs separately for all the characters. also there's literally nothing in this fic aside from crack so i hope this makes you laugh or you enjoy this in some type of way LMFAO. HAVE A GOOD DAY YALL <3

    the lowkey toxic ones who taunt or shit talk you in party voice chat when you miss a kill or fail to clutch. they're the ones who sound so cocky and confident despite doing worse or just a tiny bit better than you. he loves affectionately bullying you but god bless and good luck to whoever else tries to attack you.

    scaramouche, kaeya, childe, itto

    the pros who don't talk a lot in party voice chat. they carry you throughout the game and prefer to type in chat instead. when they've had enough, the most they'll speak is to irritatedly ask you "what were you thinking?" when you do something off. 

    xiao, albedo, diluc

    the nice people <33 spreads the best vibes around the team no matter how bad or how good you're playing. this person is everyone's personal hype man. always goes "nice try (y/n), you'll get them next time!" or "good game everyone!".

    thoma, itto, venti

    the quiet ones who are okay at the game. very calm, collected, and respectful whenever they're playing with anyone. they always have your back and it's a very peaceful experience to get to play with someone like them.

    kazuha, xiao, albedo, diluc, dainsleif

    the trolls who do the dumbest shit because they either just feel like it or they wanna get on your nerves 💀.

    venti, childe, kaeya

    needs you to teach him how to play everytime and rarely ever plays.


    taglist (send an ask to be added or removed): @dawndelion-winery @tiredsleep @codename-hiraeth @mari-san-cant @mininji @artificial-heartache

    **format for this post was inspired by @/starglitterz one basketball post ^^

    © withloveajaxx 2022. please do not copy, plagarize, or translate in any way.

    #genshin x reader #genshin impact x reader #genshin headcanons #genshin impact headcanons #childe x reader #kaeya x reader #diluc x reader #xiao x reader #scaramouche x reader #itto x reader #albedo x reader #thoma x reader #venti x reader #kazuha x reader #dainsleif x reader #zhongli x reader #05/26/2022#iely's writing
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  • photographicapparitions
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    YEAHHH SO TRUE 💖💞💕💕💕💞💖💖

    Also bc I’m a slut for chaebedo and def not projecting this Ajax also befriends Kaeya albedo klee etc. Diluc or Rosaria only tolerate him for the most part 💖 at least in the beginning anyway.


    bro literally almost every adult guy in genshin could GET IT - kaeya

    #- kaeya xx #arcadian chats#arcadian asks #obviously diluc is excluded #that's my brother bro. #but like. #bedo? hot as fuck #venti? cute as hell #traveller? literally SO sweet #thoma? duh what's not to like #itto? buff as hell even if he's stupid #etc etc #baizhu is a no and zhongli is..eh #but everyone else??? hell yeah i'd tap that
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  • suknas
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Zhongli Icons | I will have order!

    feel free to use them. credits are appreciated, but not necessary.

    for more icons check my icon page

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  • bucocopie
    26.05.2022 - 2 hours ago

    watcha got there general. a smoothie

    #no little german girl dont look at the cardboard standee #oh mein gott is zis general gorou #genshin impact#gorou#genshin#klee#kaeya#zhongli #uhh this is my  genshin team say  hi
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  • dabipawz
    26.05.2022 - 3 hours ago

    g mawnieeeee ^o^/ ! hope u all have a wonderful day today n tomorrow n the day after dat n many more after those ! ! i lub u all vewy much :c diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much ( x 10000 ) < 3

    #wat have i got to do 2day hmmm #i have sum meetings at work … gonna try to finish a scene of my yuuji piece for lulu’s collab …….. answer dabi thirsts in my inbox … uhmm #fix up tags … reply to zhongli nawnie …….. ohhh ! maybe post a lil thirst piece for toji he has been on my mind l8lee < 3 #what have U all got planned for the day :o ? #໒꒰ྀི ⸝⸝⸝⸝ ꒱ྀིა .*・。゚⌒ PUPPY TALK !
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  • diasomnia-luvr98
    26.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    who else is nervous for xiao? The trailer had me on the edge. I saw it on the day it was released and I was still trying to process what I just watched. Now my question is.....

    Does he know that there is another yaksha is alive and he turned evil? (Sorry I haven't caught up with all the characters lore yet. I only understand his story to some extent.)

    I think he'll have a mental breakdown when he comes face to face with the other yaksha (if that's who he's talking to.) cause he sounded a little upset, disappointed and hurt. Not that I want him to feel like that but we can't control what hoyoverse has in store for him. All we can do is hope for the best.*He dies, WE RIOT!*

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  • diluvs
    26.05.2022 - 5 hours ago


    synopsis: your husband falls asleep in your arms.

    content warnings: fluff + gn!reader

    ayato: when he falls asleep in your arms it’s so cute because you can hold him close, playing with strands of his hair or so while he snores quietly and lightly.

    childe: gosh him falling asleep the second you hold him is so cute. abs buries his head immediately into your chest seeking for warmth as it takes him seconds to fall into a deep slumber he wish he can be in forever.

    diluc: gosh he falls asleep right into the crook of your neck while you hold him extremely close. he loves you so much and this pleasing, cozy experience he doesn’t want to ever leave.

    itto: falls asleep in your chest as well while he keeps a loose grip on your waist. you like to play with his hair as he snores into your chest, right before you fall asleep as well.

    kaeya: he adores it when you hold him as he nuzzled himself into your chest. he doesn’t fall asleep right away but after a while he will as you hold him close to you.

    zhongli: lord he loves it when you hold him and he can fall asleep in your shoulder while you brush his hair with your fingers or something. gosh he admires your warmth.

    © diluv’s works. Do not translate, copy, repost, take heavy inspo at all. This belongs to me as I have written it. Thank you!!

    #ayato x reader #ayato x you #ayato x y/n #childe x reader #childe x you #childe x y/n #diluc x reader #diluc x you #diluc x y/n #kaeya x reader #kaeya x you #kaeya x y/n #itto x reader #itto x you #itto x y/n #zhongli x reader #zhongli x you #zhongli x y/n
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  • moonlitboar
    26.05.2022 - 5 hours ago

    i would gladly give all my money to this man

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  • pri2st
    26.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Thoughts on ChiLi?

    Yes <3

    #ilya.ask #genshin impact #childe x zhongli #proship
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  • escalaregalia
    26.05.2022 - 6 hours ago
    @frxst-flxke​ asked: Random Tit Pic (Zhongli?)

    send ‘Random Tit Pic’ for the sending muse to send the receiving muse a random tit pic.

    Silence fell as Zhongli looked down at the picture. These cameras were still a  mystery to him, but they were quite interesting, but the former Archon had never thought about them being used for this kind of thing. It would do wonders for those in long-distance relationships where the couple wanted to keep thing heated in the romance department... 

    “Wait... Oh...”

    However, it took another moment before Zhongli realised what he had been staring at for a while now... not only the clear breasts he had been staring at, but these didn’t belong to some stranger, but someone he had met before...

    “Oh no... Will I get in trouble for staring at this for so long? Perhaps I should destroy it so it doesn’t spread.”

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  • deus-lapidis
    26.05.2022 - 6 hours ago

    i present to you...

    squishy li and ling-


    They’re so cute i will cry THEIR CHEEKS

    #wenling#wenli#zhongli #cipher uses her vocal chords #thank u aine #aine
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