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    22.05.2022 - 2 days ago

    ## 심장 가장 깊숙한 곳 가 ˚࿐ ,, welcome to nahee's blog! ## carrd

    hello! i'm nahee, '06, asian :D i've been on tumblr for a few years and i used to run a hq account!

    i write for sf9 and tbz only! my content varies from oneshots to blurbs, absolutely no mature content allowed!

    i have the right to choose what content i'm comfortable with writing, but i'll try my best to accommodate to your requests :) have fun requesting!

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  • i-might-be-in-love-with-hao
    16.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    Just Fine Until It's Not

    Kim Inseong Concept Photos + Character Outline

    Kim Inseong

    Mafia Leader ( Kim Family)

    Born on July 12, 1993

    Zodiac Sign: Cancer

    Blood Type: A

    -Inseong is an only child and receives a lot of pressure from his parents

    -100% in love with Yuri

    -100% is ignored by Yuri

    -gets hurt quite often because of the temper he has

    -which usually lands him in his personal nurse's office (Song Hyunwon)

    -hates Kang Yeosang with a passion

    -amazing artist

    -high intelligence

    Just Fine Until It's Not

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  • lost-inthedream
    13.05.2022 - 1 week ago

    SF9 when their special other's love language is cooking

    genre: fluff

    pairing: SF9 x gn reader


    Bonus song rec: Moon Jong Up - Us


    Youngbin gets used to your love language so quickly! After you showed up two times with homemade snacks he is not surprised anymore. It is not a bad thing at all, he still smiles with the same enchantment and tender eyes. "What did you bring this time?" he playfully asks taking your tote bag from your shoulder in case it is heavy. He loves to hear you talking about recipes and appreciates that you share your favorite ones with him.

    ➹ Inseong:

    Oh my, I think Inseong would be so proud of his talented girlfriend/boyfriend, always bragging about your skills to his friends and family. Don't be surprised if one of his members tells you how good that pie tasted. Inseong was so excited about you making him a whole and delicious pie that he shared it with his members while he could not stop talking about you. " of course she/he can do a lot of things other than cooking". Also, he is gonna propose to you quite fast lol


    Jaeyoon will pamper you 1000 times more every time you offer an appetizing dish. You can literally make him food a million times and he would still be amazed by your gesture. Ok, let's go to the spoiling part. He feeds you like a baby even if you say the dish is all for him. "Nooo. Open your mouth, love" He also makes the cutest faces as he tastes each portion, telling you it is even better than the last time you cooked.

    ➹ Dawon:

    Dawon is the opposite of Inseong in the sense that he will never share the food you made him with his friends or anyone. The fact that you express your love by cooking is so precious to him. He texts you a few times during the week to say he still thinks about the cupcakes he ate on the holiday. He normally texts you quite a lot so he needs multiple subjects.

    ➹ Zuho:

    Juho is so obvious, once you all finish the meal that you prepared with so much love, he goes for cuddles. There are no excuses, none of you are washing the dishes or anything. CUDDLES. It is a simple relationship, you make sure that he eats well and he composes special songs for you. The number of times you entered his studio with something healthy to your boyfriend is uncountable. "You always know when I need a break"

    ➹ Rowoon:

    I feel like at some point Rowoon will convert your talent and passion for cooking into quality time. I mean, you all start to have cooking dates because he asks you to teach him. "No, I'm not asking you to stop cooking for me, I wanna spend more time with you, love." He loves watching you and kissing the top of your head when you are distracted.

    ➹ Yoo Taeyang:

    Unlike Youngbin, Taeyang will be surprised every time you gift him with food. He likes to let you know about his schedule so you are aware of his most busy days. These ones are when you prepare his favorite dishes so he will be able to relax at the end of the day. "Oh, babe, you're perfect". He takes your hand from time to time while he eats.

    ➹ Hwiyoung:

    I feel like Hwi is a pretty chill boyfriend, hence you all prefer peaceful dates, such as stargazing or having picnics. You always offer to cook something for the occasion and he helps you with ideas and chopping ingredients. At these moments you both look more like a married couple than anything.

    ➹ Chani:

    His mood is always lifted by your food. It does not matter if he is really upset or if he is already in a good mood. "Look at you being an angel again" He likes to tease you for spoiling him too much. It is clear that he is so thankful. Chani treats any of your skills with naturality instead of calling all the attention to them. Yet he admires you a lot and he tells you it by praises when you are alone.

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  • athenathesharkwrites
    06.05.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    The Race Towards Your Heart - Zuho

    Banner by: @atinyfantasytothemoon​, thank you for making it <3

    A/N: Okay, this story has been coming since October 2021, and it’s finally here, the creation of the story itself had a story behind it, but it’s finally here, it took a while, but it’s here.

    Warning: AU, F1 Driver!Zuho, Zuho seems cold hearted at first, slow burn, reader overthinks, comedy, angst, fluff, happy ending, cliché ending(?).

    W/C: 6.5K

    The shutters from the cameras snapping pictures was becoming irritating to Zuho, he could barely hear himself think as pictures were taken of him non-stop, and he was only at the security gate, a pair of sunglasses covering his eyes, hiding how irritated he actually was, his black hair was styled back, with some string of hair was hanging loosely over his forehead, the leather jacket fitted him perfectly as if it was made just for his body, and everyone could see the Aston Martin tee he had on underneath it, he licks his lips as he holds his pass up to the security scan before entering the paddock, he lets out a sigh of relief when the sound of the cameras faded into the distance. ‘Thank fuck, they’re not allowed back here.’ He thought.

    He was well known around the paddock, he’s been driving for three years and just signed with Aston Martin, it was the first weekend for the season and everyone was curious to see how he would do in the new team, apparently, they couldn’t pick up how well he was doing during the winter testing, but he couldn’t blame them after the announcement made that the car had received big upgraded and would be a monster for the opening race, everyone was on the edge of their seat to see the big changes on the car after seeing it at the Barcelona testing, would this season be the year of Aston Martin? For Baek Zuho to be crowned World Champion?

    “Zuho!” Youngbin, his race engineer, calls out when he spotted as he exited the Aston Martin motorhome, a girl trailing behind him, one of your hands was in front of your mouth, Zuho could see that you were trying to cover your mouth as you nervously nibbled at your bottom lip. “We’ve been waiting just for you, I want to introduce you to my friend,” Youngbin turns around to look at you. “Oh, come on, Y/n,” He takes your hand, pulling it away from your mouth, you immediately release your lip and look at Zuho, you had heard many rumours about him, about how cold he was… Or that was what you heard, Youngbin had told you a completely different story about him, although you would just have to judge for yourself now that you’re meeting him. “He won’t bite,” Zuho tilts his head in confusion, had you heard the rumours, but most importantly, did you believe them? “This is Y/n, she wanted to join me for a weekend, but she’s a little nervous,” He could see it in your eyes, you were trying not to show it, but with you avoiding eye contact and looking past him at something else, he knew that you were afraid, but he wasn’t sure why or what had you afraid. “Y/n, this is… well, I don’t think I need to introduce you to him, you already know him,” You could feel heat travelling up your neck and to your cheeks, making you look down at the ground, your hair falls over your face. “Don’t be shy now, you were cheering loudly for him last season.”

    “Youngbin!” You quickly say, you push your friend, hoping it would get him to stop talking, but you knew nothing could easily have him stop, he chuckles and wraps an arm around your shoulder, pulling you into his side. “Shut up, shut up,” you mutter, you reach up and place your hand over his mouth, Zuho couldn’t help but chuckle seeing the two of you. “YOUNGBIN!” You pull your hand away as you felt his tongue press flat against your palm, you slap your hand against his chest and drag it down, rubbing the saliva off on his shirt, a smile was on Zuho’s lips, the cold façade long gone.

    “As I was saying,” Youngbin begins to say, he glances at you. “Before I was so rudely interrupted, this is, Y/n, we’ve been friends since childhood, I know, I know, you haven’t met her before.”

    “It’s okay, you haven’t met all of my friends either,” Zuho says, you freeze in your spot, your hand pausing on Youngbin’s chest as you heard Zuho’s voice, it wasn’t like you hadn’t heard it before, but hearing it in person, how deep it actually is compared to what you heard on television. “It’s nice to meet you, Y/n,” Your name sounded so good coming from him, and you had to stop yourself from gripping Youngbin’s shirt as you felt your knees shake.

    “It’s… It’s nice to meet you, too,” You quietly say. “I uh… I would shake your hand, but someone licked it…” You look up at Youngbin.

    “It’s fine,” He says, you almost flinch at how cold it sounded. “I need to go get ready for a press conference,” You wanted to pout, the rumours about him swirling in your thoughts, and you were actually in a debate with your mind, was he really cold or was he just in front of the press?


    You sit in the garage next to Youngbin with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones on, you knew it was this loud at a Formula 1 event, but not this loud, even though you wire the pair of headphones, you could still hear the loud engines, but the experience was worth it, you watch as Youngbin gave information to Zuho about the track and about his lap times, it amazed you how it all worked, the camera never caught how hard the engineers worked in the background, and you were in such awe at everyone’s job in the garage, you look at the screen and watch the green car underneath the floodlights of Bahrain, it looked absolutely beautiful as he turned corners and sped down the straight.

    “Okay, you’re doing good, at this pace, we could get pole,” Youngbin says, you perk up at hearing the word ‘pole’, you look at the timings and find him at the top of the timings sheet, leading the pack. “Box and we can discuss the data, and see where you can improve,” He didn’t receive a reply back, but you assumed he was used to not getting one, you watch as he writes something down before gathering the papers he used during the session, he looks at you and places his papers down on the table, he moves his hands to your headset and lifts it away from your head, you flinch at the loud noise surrounding you. “Come on, we’re going to the motorhome,” You had barely heard him but took off your headset and left it on the desk, you quickly exit through the back of the garage in need of some form of silence while you waited for Youngbin and Zuho to exit also.

    You lean against the wall and look around, the place looked absolutely beautiful at night, the lights in the trees really made it feel like something special at Bahrain, you hear chatter as Younger and Zuho exit the garage, Youngbin nods his head at you, silently telling you to follow them, you quickly, but silently, follow behind them, you could hear them talking ahead of you, it was about the data and lap times and where he could improve during the qualifying session, you enter the Aston Martin motorhome, you lick your lips as you stop in your step, your mind suddenly swirling with unkind thoughts, it suddenly felt like you were intruding and in their way and decided to split away from them, going towards the coffee bar and snack bar to get something while they continued towards Zuho’s changing room or towards the briefing room, you bite your bottom lip nervously as your eyes scan the menu in your hands, you couldn’t really focus on the words on it, the overwhelming feeling of being in the way and intruding was filling your thoughts, you ended up pointing at something random on the menu and thanked the person before paying for it.

    When you had arrived Thursday, it felt like a dream, a fairytale come true, but now on Friday night, it felt like you were only a burden to your friend and in his way, you stare at your hands as you started counting down the hours until the weekend was over.

    “What seems to be going on in that head of yours?” Zuho asks, you quickly look up at him, surprised that he was talking to you and standing next to you as you waited for your drink and food.

    “I uh… Where’s Youngbin?” You nervously ask.

    “He needed to go talk to the other engineers,” He says, you slowly nod your head, your lips forming an ‘O’ as you do. “Do you want to share what’s on your mind?” You take in a deep breath and give him a smile.

    “Nothing much,” You say, he raises an eyebrow, knowing you were lying, he leans over the countertop and turns to you.

    “I can see it in your eyes, you look upset, they’re not as bright as they were this morning,” He says, you let out a sigh and look back down at your hands. “Are you feeling lonely?” Your head snaps up, and you look at him with wide eyes. “You’re not in the way or a bother to your friend, in fact, to me, it feels nice having someone extra, Well… someone Youngbin trusts, which means I trust you also,” Your food and drink were placed down in front of you before you were both left alone once again. “We just get caught up in the date of the car and where it can be improved, but your company this morning was nice,” You couldn’t help but smile at his words and nod your head, he looks at what you had ordered, only to twist his face. “Is this what you like?” You look at the drink and food and recoil as you see what it is.

    “Oh, oh, no,” You mutter. “Oh, this is why I shouldn’t be absent-minded,” You didn’t even drink whatever that drink was, but it didn’t look too delicious, and the food, you didn’t even want to start about the food. “Oh… what am I gonna do…” He couldn’t help but smile at your adorableness, sure you were panicking, but you looked absolutely adorable.

    “I’ll take care of it,” He says. “Do you want to get lunch or dinner sometime?” You smile as you feel your heart skip a beat. “Maybe tomorrow night?”


    You sit across from Zuho as you watch the night sky on the balcony you were on, his eyes were on you as he took a sip from his drink, qualifying had gone well for him, and he was on the front row, and in his mind, he had dubbed you as his lucky charm for the weekend, but he wouldn’t admit it out loud.

    “I have a question,” Zuho says, he places his glass down on the table, and you turn your head towards him. “How come I’m only meeting you now, did you just never want to come to a race weekend, or was something else stopping you?” You chew on the insides of your cheeks.

    “Well… I was in between work last year, it was hard finding a stable income,” You say, he nods his head. “But I finally found a permanent position in November and when Youngbin asked if I could come for this year’s season opener, I didn’t want to decline,”

    “Hmm,” He hums, his eyes searching for any sign that you might be misleading him.

    “And I also thought, life is too short, I don’t want to one day realize I only spent my time working or trying to find work,” You say, his lips part at your statement. “I know I still have a ton of time, but… life is also unpredictable.”

    “That’s true,” He says. “I’m happy you decided to come with him, it’s nice to see a new face around the paddock,” You nod your head, giving him a shy smile before picking up your drink and taking a sip. “Are you nervous?” You tilt your glass further, making him chuckle. “You don’t need to be… I’m not as what the rumours say I am…” You lower your glass and place it down on the table, keeping your hand around it.

    “Cold… rude… mean?” You ask, he nods his head, and you could see some hurt flash through his eyes. “Do you just… come across like it in front of the press to protect yourself?”

    “It’s easier to come off as cold as to pretend you’re okay with them asking you about everything you don’t want to talk about,” He says, you nod your head, once again chewing the insides of your cheek. “It’s easier to brush them off when you’re not in a good mood, usually they know not to approach you then.”

    “So… are you a cuddly guy when no one’s looking?” You ask, hoping to lighten the mood just a little, you watch as a smile spread across his lips.

    “That…” He begins, he leans back into his chair. “That’s something you’ll need to find out for yourself,” You couldn’t help but smile.

    “Definitely cuddly,” You say. “No doubt a cuddly person,” He chuckles and picks up his drink. “I bet you secretly have a plush, am I right?” You watch as he swirls his drink around in the glass.

    “I have two cats, do they count as plush?” He asks, your eyes widen, and you bring your hand to your mouth.

    “You have cats?” You softly ask, he nods his head before taking a sip from his drink. “Oh gosh, you’re a softie, oh my, you… definitely pushes at night with how soft they are, and the purring when you rub their chin,” He lowers his glass as he listens to you gush about cats, making him smile and feel at ease on the inside. “And when they show you their bellies… the trust they’re showing you, oh gosh, I hope I can meet them one day.”

    “We can arrange something,” He says, putting his glass down. “I’m sure they’ll love you and grow fond of you quickly,” You nod your head.

    “Do they let out a little or long meow when you arrive home?” You suddenly ask, his smile seems to widen at your question, throughout the night he told you about his cat and you both started getting to know each other more, and growing comfortable with each other, you almost didn’t want the night to end with how much fun you were having with him, but when you entered your hotel room, you could feel the quietness seeping in, and you almost started to miss his company and his cute laughter, the rumours you had heard about him, completely gone and erased from your mind.


    It wasn’t the last time you attended a race weekend, you attended many more throughout the season, and each time you did, you grew a little closer to Zuho, little by little, and soon you were mostly going just to see him and talk with him, Youngbin had picked up on it and was teasing you about it, but you didn’t care, not when you knew you had grown feelings for the Formula 1 driver, even though he was teasing you about your crush and feelings, he was happy for you, mostly because he had heard from Zuho also, and Zuho was just as head-over-heels for you, when there was a weekend you couldn’t make it, Zuho would ask about you, where you were and why you hadn’t come along the weekend before constantly asking Youngbin if he’s heard from you yet and if he has, the question: “How is she doing?” Would usually follow, by the time the end of the season was rolling around, Youngbin had made sure to bring you along almost every weekend, it was after all just the final five races before the end of the season would be concluded, and Zuho needed all the support he could get, he was in the fight for the championship and leading as the final four races approached.


    “Come on, you need to be there for him, show your support for him,” Youngbin says, he follows you around in the store as you were grocery shopping. “It’ll mean the world to him, he even asked if you could come.”

    “I’m sure I’ll only be a distraction for him, and also in his way,” You say, he lets out a sigh and picks up your favourite cereal and puts it in your cart.

    “Trust me, you won’t be, please!” He begs. “I’ll pay for your groceries!” You look at him, raising an eyebrow at him.

    “You will?” You ask, he nods his head. “And you hope I’ll go to the last four races?”

    “In return that you go to them,” He says, you shake your head and move your cart forward.

    “All right, because I know you’re not going to stop pestering me about,” You say. “I’ll come to the last four races,” You see him starting to smile. “But you better pay for all of these.”

    “Oh, I will, happily,” He says, you smile before stopping in front of the most expensive coffee’s and tea's, his smile quickly falters. “Wait…”

    “Are you changing your mind?” You ask, you reach for the tea and coffee, putting one of each in your cart. “Because if you are, you should tell me now.”

    “I… no, no, I’m not changing my mind,” He says, you could hear the nervousness in his voice.

    “All right, good, because I still need to go buy food,” You say, you watch as his face drops, and he swallows, which made you chuckle and push your cart forward.


    And that’s how you found yourself at the fourth last race of the year, watching everything go horribly wrong for Zuho, at first it was qualifying, and then it was a software issue, and then during the race he had to retire the car ten laps before the end, you watch as they wheel in his car, Youngbin grabs some papers, glancing at you, you look at him with concern in your eyes, you knew about the pressure during the final few races, Youngbin was always so stressed during that time, and now you were seeing the frustration and pressure live from the garage, you watch as Zuho climbs out his car, his helmet staying on his head, he makes his way past you with Youngbin behind him, you decided to follow them, since you don’t know many people working in the team anyway, you stop once you saw Zuho take his helmet off and heard him curse loudly, he turns to Youngbin, and then you can’t hear anything anymore, you just stay in your spot, not wanting to interrupt or disturb or possibly make him even more angry, but it seemed like your efforts went to waste as his eyes fell on you, you felt a shiver move through you at how cold his eyes seemed, you see him suck in a deep breath, your eyes move lower, and you see his free hand clench.

    “And you!” Zuho practically growls out, your breath gets caught in your throat, Youngbin slowly looks over his shoulder before spotting you, the confusion he had in his eyes disappears, and he turns back to Zuho.

    “Juho, don’t,” He says. “Don’t,” He tries to stop him, but with the red mist still in front of Zuho’s eyes, he pushed past Youngbin, almost in a harsh manner, you swallow as you look at his figure approaching you, his teeth grinding against each other, his fists clenched.

    “Why are you even here?” He asks, making you flinch at the harshness in his tone. “Just because you know Youngbin, doesn’t mean you can just beg him to bring you to each race to stalk me!” A lump starts forming in your throat. “Fuck, you just bring bad luck with you!” A frown forms on your face, and at the same time you felt a pinch in your heart, you could feel yourself growing smaller in front of him, and you weren’t sure what you had done wrong, how had you caused the issue with the software. “You’re just an obsessed fan,” He stops in front of you, you look u at him, you could feel your eyes glossing over as tears form in them, he was your favourite driver before you had even met him and having him say these harsh words to you was hurting you, and it was making you feel like nothing. “Nothing more, nothing less,” Youngbin had followed behind Zuho. “You’re always going to be nothing to me.”

    “Juho, that’s enough!” Youngbin says, grabbing Zuho’s upper arm, ready to pull him away, but before he could, Zuho said one more thing that could have been left better unsaid.

    “Why don’t you just fucking leave, disappear, and don’t come back!” He says, his tone cold, his eyes cold, your hand collides with his cheek, hard enough to make his head turn to the side, everyone pauses at the sound of your hand colliding with his cheek, luckily it was only the three of you and a few other people, but they quickly went back to what they were doing, it was silent for a solid minute as you glared at him.

    “I didn’t come because I wanted to, I came because he told me you wanted me here,” You say, you could feel tears prickling in your eyes, but you weren’t going to give him the satisfaction and show him how much his words had hurt you. “They say, never meet your favourite, you always end up disappointed, and they’re right,” Zuho slowly turns his head to look back at you the red mist that he was seeing now dispersing. “And I’m fucking disappointed right now,” Realization slowly sinks what he had told you and guilt starts to eat at him. “Don’t expect me back, ever again,” You walk past him, bumping shoulders with him on your way, Youngbin releases Zuho’s arm, letting out a sigh, he runs his hand through his hair, he was now in the middle between you and Zuho, he knew you would never let him choose between you two, but he knew that you would never talk to him about his work again, just to avoid the topic of Zuho, he looks at his friend before turning away and going after you, knowing he had to comfort you first, since you’ve been friend’s for years, and he wasn’t worried about losing his job, but he knew he could lose your friendship, Zuho let’s out a sigh and brings his hand to his head and runs his fingers through his hair.

    “Shit…” He mutters. “Fuck, what did you do, Zuho?”


    Zuho sits in his private jet, night had fallen, and you had long left to return home, Youngbin was sitting across from him, a water bottle in his hand and the notes from the day’s race resting on his lap, he watched as the racer runs his fingers through his hair before his hands come together in front of his mouth, Youngbin could see the worry and distress in his eyes.

    “I fucked up, I know, I shouldn’t have said that,” Zuho mutters, his leg was starting to bounce, a sign of his nerves kicking in, his heart was racing faster than it’s ever done, not even while he was driving in his Formula One car did his heart ever beat this fast. “I was just so fucking angry, and she… she was there.”

    “I was there also!” Youngbin snaps, he was pissed that his friend had attacked his other friend.

    “But you weren’t my target, you were explaining everything to me about what went wrong,” Zuho says. “And then I spotted her and everything went red,” Youngbin lets out a sigh, shaking his head, he had comforted you just hours earlier, and now he was comforting his other friend. “How is she…?”

    “She hasn’t spoken much, but as you know she’s on her way home,” Youngbin says, he leans forward, putting the water bottle onto the table. “You fucked up, and after I tried so hard to convince her to come,” Zuho lets out a sigh. “She actually told me that she was afraid that she was going to be a distraction or in the way,” Zuho looks up at Youngbin, his hands falling away from his mouth. “I’m starting to think I shouldn’t have convinced her, seeing how you reacted,” Youngbin lets out a sigh and runs his hand through his hair. “What you did, was the exact opposite of confessing to her, what happened to that?”

    “I was going to confess after I won the race!” Zuho says.

    “You should know better than anyone else, that this sport is unpredictable, it tears your heart out and stomps on it, it doesn’t always end how you would want it to,” Youngbin says, he stands from the chair he was sitting on, picking up his notes from his lap. “If you want to fix it… or try to at least, you should act soon because she’s not always a very forgiving person, she will protect herself and cut you out of her life completely if she feels it’s better for her mental health,” Zuho looks up at him.

    “You… you can’t convince her to come to another race weekend again, can you?” Zuho asks.

    “It’s like you just ignored what I just told you,” Youngbin says. “You’ll need to go to her, maybe even beg her to forgive you if you want to even see her again,” He places the notes down on the table. “This time, you need to go to her, because she sure as hell will never set foot in the paddock again.”


    A week has passed since the incident, and you had made are to keep yourself busy, you barely spoke to Youngbin, mostly because you weren’t sure how to approach him, you knew he and Zuho had a close friendship also, and you wished you never even went to the first race of the season, it would have made things so much easier, you let out a sigh and place your hands against the counter you were cleaning, your head hurting from all the thoughts that were running through your mind, you hear the door to the coffee shop open, and you take in a deep breath before turning around and lifting your head, a fake smile on your lips, ready to help the customer, but it quickly fades when you see the person you never wanted to see again, you could feel a pinch forming in your heart as you saw him.

    “What are you doing here?” You ask, trying to sound cold, but you knew that you were on the verge of tears, and you needed to try and keep it back.

    “I need to talk to you,” Zuho says.

    “Well, I don’t want to talk to you,” You say, you turn around, picking up the rag and start cleaning again, you hear him walk around the counter before his hand moves into your vision, he takes your hand, and you shake it, shaking his hand away from yours, you turn to him, glaring at him, your eyes glossing over.

    “What?!” You say harshly.

    “I need to apologise…” He says. “What I said… I didn’t mean it, it was unnecessary, it wasn’t aimed at you,” You roll your eyes, letting out a scoff.

    “Well, it sure as hell sounded like you meant it,” You say. "Get out from behind the work area,” He looks around before he steps closer to you, you take a step back until your butt collided with the counter behind you, his hands move past you, and he boxes you in between him and the counter.

    “You can scream at me, hit me… but please, I didn’t mean to say those things, we’ve grown so close over the past year…” He says. “I want to have a chance to apologize properly,” You lift your eyes, and he could see the tears forming in them, you sniff as you feel your nose becoming runny.

    “Whose to say you won’t say that again next time you become stressed?” You ask. “That’s not what I want in my life… I don’t want to be a punching bag, Juho,” He nods his head, taking in a deep breath, he’s never seen you so close to tears, and here he was, about to witness you cry because of him, because of something he had done.

    “I don’t deserve your forgiveness, not with what I had said to you,” He says. “But I’m here… begging for it,” His voice sounded strained like he was close to tears himself, and you could see his eyes glossing over. “I’m here to beg for it because I like you too much,” You swallow the lump forming in your throat only for it to return. “To just… leave it like that, to leave you hurt the way I did, I don’t want you to vanish from my life, I want to see you more in it… I want to see you as much as I possibly can,” A stray tear falls from your eyes and rolls over your cheek, causing him to break, he sniffs, trying to hold his tears back. “You can think about it, I know it doesn’t sound like much of a decent apology… but please, think about giving me one last chance,” He takes a step back from you and reaches into his pocket, another tear falls from you, and you sniff, he pulls out an envelope and stretches his arm out to you. “Think about it, and then… when you’re certain you want to forgive me, give me a last chance… please, come to the last race of the season,” You shakily take the envelope from him, more tears coming from you.

    “I’m sorry I caused you to cry,” He mutters and takes another step back from you. “I’m sorry I’ve caused you pain, I’m sorry I’ve caused… this painful, hurtful… feelings, and experience to you," He moves out from behind the counter. “I’ll understand if you don’t show up, I’ll leave you alone… but part of me is hoping you will show up,” The lump in your throat grows bigger, you were no longer trying to hold the tears back, you wanted him to see and know how much he had hurt you. “I’m sorry for causing you this much pain… I’m sorry, Y/n…” He reaches the door and places his palm against the glass door. “I know this isn’t a proper apology… and what I did was unforgivable, but I want to see you… again and again, over and over.”

    “Zuho… Please,” You mutter, your voice cracking as you plead with him to just leave.

    “Think about it, long, hard, you don’t even need to show up at the last race, you can just tell Youngbin when you’re ready to meet with me…” He says.

    “Please, go… Juho, please, just… leave,” You say, you lower your gaze to the floor as you hear him sniff, he was crying also, and most likely stalling, he didn’t want to go in case it would be the last time he would see you, the picture of you crying would be his last memory of you, the words he said to you would always haunt him.

    “I… goodbye… Y/n,” He says, he pushes the door open and exits the coffee shop, the door shuts, and you push yourself away from the counter, moving to the kitchen, your co-workers watch as you move to the break room, they had most likely heard your conversation with Zuho.


    You sit in your apartment, the envelope in your hand and opened, inside was tickets to Abu Dubai where the last race would take place along with that there was some information about the hotel you would be staying at, you weren’t sure if you wanted to go, if you would go, tears were staining your cheeks and your hands shook as you cried, you never wanted to see him again, but part of you wanted to see him again, wanting to meet with him again, you had a few more weeks to decide before the final race would take place, and you knew you had to think about it carefully, you hadn’t spoken to Youngbin yet, and you weren’t sure if he knew that Zuho had visited you, or even knew what Zuho had given you, and you knew you had to get in contact with him soon to ask him if he had known, you would never be mad at your childhood friend, you put the envelope down and lean back against the couch, closing your eyes and letting the tears freely fall.


    You step into the garage of Aston Martin, it was Sunday, the last race of the season, and you had missed half of the race, you had only arrived at Abu Dubai and had taken your time to go to the track, your mind running with thoughts as you thought about what you would tell Zuho, you were willing to forgive him and work on rebuilding the trust that was broken, rebuild everything you had built up while you were getting to know him, you move towards Youngbin, and sit down on the chair next to him, he turns his head to look at you, his eyes widen as he sees you.

    “You’re here?” Youngbin asks. “He’s going to be surprised when he steps out of the car,” You give him a small smile. “Is it good news you’re bringing him?”

    “Hopefully it is to him,” You say. “How is he doing?” You turn your gaze to the screen.

    “He’s leading, but we have a safety car, hopefully, he’ll keep the lead and win the championship,” He says, You nod your head, watching as everyone weaved behind the safety car. “Are you okay?” You nod your head again, turning your head to look at him.

    “I am, don’t worry, focus on the race Mr Kim,” You say, he chuckles and turns his head back to the screen, watching and writing things down, as the safety car come to an end, Zuho fought tooth and nail to stay ahead, and thankfully he managed to pull away from his rivalry, by the time he reached the end he was over three seconds ahead and won, your eyes widen as loud cheering went around the garage, people hugged and even picked other’s up, Youngbin was suddenly stormed and pulled into a hug, you had never experienced it live, but you had seen the celebrations on television, but you never imagined it would be so loud, your shoulder was patted as people passed you and ran out the garage to go meet him at the podium ceremony.

    “Congratulations friend, you did it, it was hard sometimes, but you did it,” Youngbin says into the radio, trying to stay calm, he looks at you. “There’s a surprise waiting for you when you get back, but enjoy it, Juho, you are the champion of the world!” You didn’t hear Zuho’s reply, but judging by the smile Youngbin wore, he must have said something back or even cursed with joy, Youngbin takes off the headset and looks at you. “Do you want to come with us to the podium celebration?”

    “I’ll go along, maybe… add to the joy he’s feeling,” You say, Youngbin nods his head and helps you off the chair, you exit the garage and make your way towards the podium, you watch as the cars park underneath it, Youngbin pushes you through the mechanics until you reached the front where the barricade was put up, you watch as Zuho steps out from the car, standing on top of it and lifting the steering wheel into the air, fireworks going off in celebrations, he jumps off the car and puts the wheel back in place before he moves towards his team, he pauses in his spot as he caught sight of you next to Youngbin, he immediately pulls his helmet and balaclava off and hands it off to one of his team members, he walks towards you, you could see joy and happiness filling his eyes.

    “Y/n…” Zuho breathes out. “You came,” He throws his arms around you and pulls you into a hug, you could feel his team pushing up against you to get to him, to pat his back and head while he held you in his arms. “I can’t believe you’re here.”

    “We should talk after your celebration,” You whisper, you feel his hand moving to the back of your head.

    “We will, wait for main the Aston Martin motorhome?” He asks.

    “I’ll meet you there,” You say


    You watch the lights of the Abu Dubai hotel illuminate the night, a cup of coffee in front of you on the balcony of the motorhome Aston Martin had, you were waiting for Zuho to join you, you were certain about the decision you spent the last few weeks thinking about, you wanted to give him at least one more chance, and mostly, you wanted to sort everything out with him, clear the air, you turn your head as you heard the glass door being pushed open, you softly smile as you watch him step out onto the balcony, the night air greeting him.

    “Y/n…” He softly says, you stand from your chair as he walks towards you, he wraps his arms around you, burying his head into the crook of your neck and took in a deep breath, taking in your warmth and scent. “I can’t believe you came, I was so worried you wouldn’t…”

    “Well… you seemed extremely sorry, and we do need to clear the air between us,” You say, he slowly pulls away from the hug, his arms remain around you.

    “We do… but first, before we do,” He says, he lifts one of his hands, pushing some of your hair out of your face. “I want to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now.”

    “And what’s what?” You ask, his hand comes to rest on the side of your neck.

    “This,” He mutters, he pulls you closer to him, his lips suddenly brushes against yours, your eyes widen as you feel his lips against yours before you had a chance to kiss back he was pulling away, his eyes filling with sadness, you swallow as you look up at him before reaching up for the back of his head and pulling him into another kiss, your eyes shutting and your lips moving against his, his lips were quickly moving with yours as he kisses you back.

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  • blu-joons
    01.05.2022 - 3 weeks ago

    When He Back Hugs You ~ SF9 Reaction


    Your head shook as Inseong came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist to stop you from moving as you carried on getting some work done.

    He was stubborn, having spent long enough watching you get things done. “Come and sit down for a little while,” he suggested when he heard you sigh at him.

    “I’ve got things to do,” you tried your best to tell him, wriggling out of his grip, “I can be yours once I’m done here.”

    “You’re stressing yourself out,” Inseong pointed out.

    “I’m alright, it’s just a little bit busy.”

    Inseong continued to hold you tightly, stopping you from walking anywhere, “why don’t you take a break and come and cuddle up to me for a while?”

    “Because I know that you won’t let me go,” you joked, knowing him far too well, “that break will end up with me being done for the day.”

    He nodded smugly, impressed by how easily you could read him, “I still don’t think that would be a bad idea, don’t you want to cuddle up to me?”

    “Soon, I promise, once this is done.”


    Your eyes looked back straight away as a familiar pair of arms wrapped around you, letting go of a sigh as soon as Youngbin relaxed against your frame.

    A yawn escaped him as he found himself getting comfortable behind you. “I’m tired,” he whispered, his voice groggy from the long day that he had had.

    “Do you want to go to bed?” You asked him, pressing your hands to his arms that held around your tummy securely.

    “Haven’t you got things to do?” He enquired back.

    “They can wait until tomorrow to do.”

    Youngbin couldn’t help the smile on his face, glad to finally be able to rest for a little while. “I just want to sleep and not open my eyes for a long time.”

    “I’ve not seen you this sleepy for a long time,” you commented, stunned by how exhausted Youngbin was relaxing against you.

    A hum came from him as he slowly walked behind you to the stairs, “they worked us so hard today at the studio, it was a bit of a nightmare.”

    “At least at home you can dream.”


    As another sigh came from you as you walked around the room from the feeling of cramps in your stomach, Jaeyoon couldn’t help but feel sorry for you.

    In no time at all he appeared behind you, hugging you from behind and massaging his hands over the bottom of your stomach. “Is that helping you?”

    “So much,” you breathed in relief, finally able to feel the tension in your stomach ease just a tiny little bit for once.

    “I’m sorry your cramps are bad,” Jaeyoon frowned.

    “It’s alright, just one of those things.”

    His grip around you tightened in order to hold onto more of you, “we can stay here for a while if you want? I’ll try and ease that pain for you Y/N.”

    “I’d really appreciate that,” you smiled in reply to Jaeyoon, “you always seem to have the right answers when it comes to this.”

    The smile on his face grew at your compliment, “I just like trying to find the best ways to help you, and back hugs and massages seem to work well.”

    “They’re the best, they work every time.”


    It didn’t take much for Sanghyuk to realise that you were cold as he watched you walk around the room, shuddering to yourself as you tried to warm up.

    As soon as you were close enough to him, he hugged you from behind and started running his hands against you, “if you’re cold, you should have said something.”

    “I thought I’d warm up,” you laughed back to him, “I thought you’d be a bit too busy to worry about me just being cold.”

    “Are you crazy? I worry always,” he responded.

    “Even sometimes when you don’t need to.”

    A knowing smile appeared on Sanghyuk’s face as he met your eyes, “I know you like to pretend not to be bothered, but I know you love being protected.”

    “By you? Who wouldn’t love being protected?” You teased, “everywhere we go, I know that I’m going to be well looked after.”

    His hands continued to run against you, “and when you’re at home and cold too, I’ll look after you then and try my best to warm you back up.”

    “You’re doing a good job of that too.”


    Your eyes went wide as you caught Juho walking into the bedroom with several gift bags in his hand, placing them down on the bed before heading to you.

    Your head shook in disbelief as he came up behind you and hugged you, squeezing you tightly. “Happy birthday,” he whispered, pressing a kiss against your cheek.

    “Thank you,” you chuckled, resting your head back to sit against Juho’s shoulder, “are all of those for me by any chance?”

    “Just a couple of gifts,” Juho joked in reply to you.

    “A couple? There’s loads over there Juho.”

    He proudly nodded back at you, “you’re worth it, and I wanted to treat you for your birthday,” he smiled, turning you both around so that you could take a look.

    “I reckon I can figure out what a couple of these bits are,” you teased, knowing a few of the items that you had mentioned wanting.”

    His eyes continued to glance across at you, “there’s a few surprises in there too, things you’ll hopefully like, I put a lot of thought into getting these.”

    “If you bought them, they’ll be perfect.”


    You moved through into the kitchen as you started to make yourself some dinner, however as you did, footsteps could be heard coming from behind you.

    You didn’t have time to look around before a pair of arms wrapped tightly around your sides. “I’m home,” a familiar voice whispered into your ear, followed by a chuckle.

    “Seokwoo?” You gasped, recognising the hold anywhere, looking back slightly to make sure that it was really him there.

    “I’ve missed you so much,” he quickly professed to you.

    “You’re not due home for another week.”

    His head nodded with a wide smile, “we managed to finish shooting a little bit early so I thought I’d come and surprise you, I’ve waited for you for ages upstairs.”

    “Our meeting overrun,” you laughed in reply, “does this mean that you’re staying? You don’t have to go back to the set again, right?”

    The corners of his smile continued to turn up, “I’m staying home for the foreseeable, and I don’t plan on letting you go whilst I’m at home for a while.”

    “I’m not complaining, I’ve missed your hugs.”

    Yoo Taeyang:

    Excitement got the better of Taeyang as his arms suddenly wrapped around your waist and flung you up in the air as he came up to hug you from behind.

    You had no idea what was going on, left only to figure things out by his smile. “I knew this would happen,” Taeyang told you once he found a moment to relax a little.

    “What’s happened?” You asked, craning your neck back as best as you could so that you could turn your eyes to look at him.

    “We got nominated for an award,” he proudly told you.

    “No way, what did you get picked for?”

    With one arm still around you, the other picked up his phone to be able to show you the email. “We got nominated for best performance,” he excitedly told you.

    “That’s amazing,” you smiled back at Taeyang, resting your hand over his on your waist, “there’s no group more deserving than you guys are.”

    A deep breath came from Taeyang as he struggled to compose himself, “we’ve waited so long to get a nomination like this, and now we’ve finally got it.”

    “I told you, it was only a matter of time.”


    A sigh of relief came from Youngkyun as he finally saw you walk through the front door, immediately rising to his feet as you slipped your coat off and hung it up.

    His arms wrapped around you from behind, resting his cheek against the top of your back. “You were staring to scare me Y/N, it’s getting pretty dark out early these days.”

    “I didn’t realise how late it was,” you admitted, taking a couple of steps back into the house, “I just needed some time to think.”

    “I don’t want us to be mad anymore,” he suddenly replied.

    “I don’t want that for us both either.”

    Youngkyun nuzzled himself closer into you, glad to finally have you home and know that you were safe. “I’m sorry for getting so mad at you earlier for no reason.”

    “It wasn’t just your fault,” you assured him, “I’m sure that I said plenty of things that I shouldn’t have when the two of us were arguing earlier.”

    Youngkyun’s head shook in reply to you, “I was the reason why the fight started, therefore it’s my fault that we’ve ended up here, I should have acted better.”

    “Let’s just forget about it all now.”


    A gasp came from you as a sudden pair of arms wrapped around your frame, with Chanhee lifting you up and bringing you tightly into his chest with a wide smile.

    Your eyes looked back, shooting a glare across at him to let him know how much he had surprised you. “Have I told you how sweet you look today?” He then suddenly asked you.

    “What have you done?” Was your only response, knowing exactly what he was like, “you never hug me like this for no reason.”

    “I’m just trying to be a better boyfriend,” Chanhee defended.

    “You’ve got a look in your eyes too.”

    A chuckle came from him as his head shook, squeezing you tighter, “I promise you that I am up to nothing, I just wanted to give you a hug, is that so bad?”

    “No,” you trailed off, still slightly suspicious as you tried to read Chanhee’s mind, “maybe I could get used to this new side of you if this is what this is.”

    Chanhee nodded in response, “there’s nothing more to this then a loving boyfriend wanting to connect more with their partner, what’s so wrong about that?”

    “Nothing, it’s nice to be hugged by you.”



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  • fanfic-wonderland
    25.04.2022 - 4 weeks ago

    SF9 as The Office Chatacters

    Yes, I did a thing.

    Youngbin as Gabe

    Inseong as Pam

    Jaeyoon as Jim

    Dawon as Michael

    Rowoon as Kelly

    Zuho as Toby

    Taeyang as Erin

    Hwiyoung as Phyllis

    Chani as Ryan

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  • blu-joons
    11.04.2022 - 1 mont ago



    Whenever you were in the same room, Juho’s eyes were on you. He would bide his time quite often and come up behind you to hug you and hold you when you were least expecting it, knowing it made you laugh too.

    B ⇴ BOYS

    Out of the two of you, Juho was actually the most nervous to introduce you to the boys, not quite knowing what they’d do. He didn’t know if they’d tease or be serious around you, hoping that whichever direction they picked, it wasn’t enough to scare you off or make you feel out of place around them.


    He put a lot of effort into being there for you when you needed comforting, Juho knew that he always had you when he needed you, and so he made sure to repay you for that when you needed him too. He would stay right by your side for as long as you needed him, doing exactly what you asked of him too.


    Whenever he had the time, Juho made sure to be there for you and help you out with jobs around the house. There was nothing that he hated more than leaving you to do everything around the house, even if Juho wasn’t as good as you were at doing a job, he would do it anyway. He wanted to make life easier for you and tried his best to learn more than anything else how to take care of things around the house.


    Neither of you wanted any fuss after the two of you got engaged, but unfortunately for you, the boys had other ideas. They had their party organised way before Juho even proposed, knowing that the two of you wouldn’t want a massive celebration, they wanted to give you one anyway. The boys seemed happier than the two of you about your engagement, they made sure the party was perfect for you both.


    Juho’s favourite thing about being with you was simply the comfort that came with knowing that he always had someone there for him. He spoke to you about everything, trusting any advice that you gave him, and although other times Juho would be quiet around you, he still never fails to appreciate that you’re there for him. If he’s honest, just having your company there with him is more than enough for Juho.


    Both of you definitely prefer being at home rather than going out, the quiet of home can’t be beaten for either of you. You loved doing your own thing, not having to worry about others and forcing a smile onto your faces to pretend that you were happy to be at a venue when all you really wanted to do was go home.


    Because the two of you were so busy, your honeymoon ended up staying close to home as you couldn’t find the time to really go anywhere. You ended up travelling around Seoul and the outskirts a little bit to try and find some new places, and just escape living in your own home for a little while too.

    I ⇴ “I LOVE YOU”

    Everyday Juho tried to do little things to let you know that he loved you, whether it was saying it, or doing something to show it to you, Juho tried to find as many things as possible to impress you and keep you feeling loved by him. It was very rare for him to do the same thing twice to be able to express his feelings to you.


    His blank expression was something that you loved when Juho got jealous, because although everyone else would think that he was fine, you would know. There would be a slight change in the narrowing of his eyes that never went unnoticed about you to know when Juho was jealous, he’d know too when you’d managed to catch him as your smile would be a little wider when you looked across at him.

    K ⇴ KIDS

    The two of you didn’t find yourselves talking about kids too much even after you got married, you were both still career strong and had many dreams that you wanted to achieve when it came down to work, with plenty of time ahead of you for starting a family, you didn’t want to rush your futures too much.


    One of Juho’s favourite things to do with you on a lazy day was show you around his studio and introduce you to some of his favourite instruments. The two of you would often lazily mess around there for hours, coming up with plenty of random songs and pieces of music. Once you’d had enough, Juho would give you a sneak preview of something that he was working on too to round off your day perfectly.


    The two of you tried to get up together in the mornings so that you could spend a bit of time together. You looked after each other in the mornings, making sure that the other looked presentable and tidy, not to mention making sure that you both had a good and healthy breakfast to eat as well.

    N ⇴ NIGHTS

    Most nights the two of you would just relax on the sofa for as long as you possibly could, the less that you had to do the better at night, after rushing around so much during the day, you loved to just sit there together.


    Juho was obsessed with your personality, you were the perfect kind of person that he just enjoyed spending time with, Juho couldn’t get enough of you, and loved to find out as much as possible about you too.


    The moments that meant the most to Juho were the ones when you were in his world. Seeing you around his studio, or at the group’s rehearsal room always made him smile, you were fully invested in supporting his career which was one of Juho’s favourite things about you, knowing he had your support always.


    You loved to push to try and get teasers from Juho about projects that he and the group were working on, and so when he eventually had something to show, he’d ask if you wanted to see it, already knowing the answer.


    The two of you getting married gave Juho a lot of inspiration in the studio, it didn’t take long before a song was put together. One song soon became two, and then three as Juho remembered all the little moments from your wedding day which helped his pen to glide effortlessly across the pieces of paper before him.


    Having silence between the two of you wasn’t something that bothered either of you at all, you never felt as if you constantly had to talk to one another. Sometimes going into your own little worlds was good for you both, especially if you could feel that a bit of tension was beginning to grow between you.


    Juho’s biggest trick for making your marriage work was finding out more, especially about you. Every single day he learnt something new about you and what you liked, even after several years of being together.

    U ⇴ UPSET

    He hated to see you upset, Juho would be glued to your side when you were upset until he saw that your tears were no longer falling.

    V ⇴ VISITS

    For all of the times that you visited him at work, Juho loved to try and visit you too. He never wanted you to feel as if you were the only one making the effort, so Juho made sure to make plenty of time for you too.


    He definitely didn’t want to push his luck when it came to wishing, he already had more than enough around him without wanting more.

    X ⇴ XXXX

    When he was holding you, Juho’s eyes would be searching all around for a way to be able to kiss you too. Although it left him shy quite a lot of the time, the more affectionate that he could be around you, the better for him.

    Y ⇴ YOU

    You were his number one, no one was more important to Juho than you.

    Z ⇴ ZZZ

    One of your favourite things to do at night is record Juho when he sleep-talks so that you can tease him by making him listen back to it when the two of you sit down to breakfast the following morning together.



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    SF9 touching themselves for you

    Pairing: SF9 x gn reader

    genre: smut

    Bonus song rec: Swim Good, by Hui and Somin

    AN: Honestly, I know there are a lot of typos in this piece. I'm sorry


    Youngbin started feeling himself through his pants as well as his t-shirt, lifting the fabric very slightly on purpose to flash his low stomach. "Are you sure you gonna stay away?" He asked but you knew how much fun he was having just from exchanging lustful looks with you, he loved the way you eyed him up that night. The chair you are comfortably set on is like your throne. "I'm more interested in seeing what you can do for me, love"

    "As you prefer" he replied with humor, before holding the hem of his shirt between his teeth. Such a clever move had you on the verge of lifting your arm to touch his toned abdomen. You tightened your fist on the arm of the chair instead.

    He chuckled to your surprise. His smart eyes were on your reluctant hands as he untied the string of his sweatpants so he could snake one hand inside it. Your boyfriend started to stimulate himself like that, clearly intent on drawing a reaction from you, which in fact happened. "Come on! It's not fair"

    "No worries, princess/prince" he pacified you, then lowered his bottoms until they simply dropped down his legs. "You won't miss a thing" His erect member excitedly pointed in your direction.


    You probably had the most relaxing shower of your life that night. You and your boyfriend had a special day together to celebrate one more milestone of your relationship. You slipped yourself inside a white bathrobe and walked out of the bathroom with a smile pasted on your face

    Inseong was sitting on the bed with a bathrobe identical to yours as well as a smile. A type of grin you knew way too well to be fooled. You stopped dramatically, arms akimbo like in a silent interrogatory. He straightened his back and with fire in his eyes and a move of his hands, he revealed his bare body for you, earlier enveloped in the fluffy fabric. "This is gonna be a great night"

    "yeah" you stepped forward but he stopped you. "You won't touch me until I say so" his fingers teased the sensitive skin of his low stomach and you swore that his still soft cock responded with a tiny twitch.

    "Seong, what do you mean?" you heard your own voice sound weak, uncertain. Now the man was kneading his own balls. "Don't worry, you can sit close" he indicated the space by his side with a head move. You kept there almost drooling on the sheets as he moaned your name without allowing you to touch him.


    You and Jaeyoon were both sprawled on the bed. You just knew you would not be able to stand after you rode him as if there were no tomorrow. Anyways you never regretted your enthusiasm in bed, even when your body was completely drained.

    "Y/N?" the man called, not sure whether you were awake since he had not heard your voice after you both orgasmed.

    "Yes, love" you lifted your heavy arms and placed your hand on his stomach.

    "Do you mind if I just... cum one more time before cleaning you?" You could not restrain a low chuckle at the sight of his fingers enveloping his shaft" You're such a horny dog, but I'd love to watch it." He moved lazily to snuggle onto you and give you a sloppy kiss. when he let go of you, his fist was already moving up and down his length. He made sure to showcase it pretty well for you. Your palm rested warmly on his abdomen, feeling the tension of his muscles grow. "Fuck, Jae, what are you doing to me?"


    Once you all stepped inside home, you held his head and whispered in his ear "what did we accord earlier, again?"

    In the restaurant, a few hours ago you came close to his ear and threatened to dom him hard if he kept teasing you in public. The fact that he did not stop made you plot against him while your friends talked about the food.

    Now you started kissing him against the door. Your skilled hands worked on his belt as he did not mind it at all. In a few seconds, his cock was being pulled out drawing breathless moans from him. You broke the kiss and guided him to hold his own member "put a show for me, Dawonie. You'll fuck me good if it comes out good enough"

    He fell on his knees looking up to you, the pants stuck on his hips. Your mouth hung open just from seeing him pump his hard dick. "Am I doing right, love?" He asked without stopping the steady moves. His eyes going wide for you. "Yes, baby. I'm loving it"


    @jasminexox this idea was based on one of your asks.

    You haven't told him you were coming but according to his friends, Ju had been overworking on his studio once more. They thought seeing you could be good for his mood. Then there was you entering his space without any warning. "Sugar, I brought you food!"

    Juho's eyes met yours and a discharge of panic jumped from his gaze. He had his dick in hand and his shorts pooled on his feet. "Hello, babe. I'm really sorry". He did not try and hide what was obvious but his embarrassment did show.

    "Well" you stutter "actually I am sorry" you act brave and fully entered the room to lean on his desk in front of him and put a timid smile on your lips.

    "You know, it helps at relaxing" he explained looking down at his lap. "Do you wanna watch as I.. relax?" Your soft nod got him resuming his activity. You noticed a bit of precum escaping from his slit and lubricating his member, your lips suddenly felt so dry. His head fell backward and your name sounded like music in his deep moans.


    Special thanks to @yootaesowl for discussing this with me

    Seokwoo did not sound embarrassed at all when he was needy and horny on the cellphone a few days ago. If you closed your eyes you could lucidly hear him narrating the way his cock was growing hard in his hold while he lied on his hotel bed.

    Now that you were together he was unsure. You were sitting in between his legs, facing him with a pleading face. It took a bit to get him to free his dick from the boxers but it was half erect and starting to leak. "Doesn't it feel nice?" you ask with a filthy smile.

    "Way too good, to be honest" he admits with a low tone. With one hand he nervously let his fingers fondle his own thigh, the other hand timidly played with his member. You leaned in to connect your lips, the way you propped on him was to take your chance to reassure him with soft touches on his right thigh. Your kiss stifled his soft moans.

    You kept controlling the kiss while he controlled the pleasure he got from his hands. The way the friction could be heard got you almost devouring his lips. The hungriness with which your tongue touched his and he chased his high culminated in a spurt of seed on his stomach, and both of you facing each other in awe.

    Yoo Taeyang:

    Taeyang finished brushing his teeth before you, thus he announced he was showering first. "You may join me when you're done, by the way" he invited getting rid of his shirt. You earned a provoking wink once you turned to look at him.

    In no time he is stepping inside the shower closure, which was completely transparent. You definitely loved the bathrooms in that hotel. they had that fancy style that made you all crave sex literally all the time.

    "I'm not sure..." you made it sound as if you were talking to yourself, however, it was loud enough for Taeyang to hear through the water noise. "About??" he asked, back facing you. Your eyes could not leave the peach his butt was. "I guess I'm gonna stay here and watch you"

    He took some time to respond. You thought he had not heard you but then he turn around and replied "What a perv!" You laughed loudly throwing your head back. When you looked at him again, your sight was taken over by the way he held his dick. He did not say anything but you knew that it was a silent "yes, I'm putting on a show for you". And so he did, pumping that pretty cock, spreading foam all over his chest. From what you know, his nipples probably felt really sensitive. The glass was getting blurred, so you slid the door open even if you were wetting the whole place.


    You could not hide your frustration, it is not going the way wanted at all. Since Hwiyoung kept saying no, you added a slightly sad look to your demeanor.

    "Maybe I can try. I can't assure you it will be sexy though" he changed his mind, explaining as his hands mindlessly rubbed his thick thighs. You knew he was aroused even though doing something so private in front of you made him nervous.

    "I just know you'll look hot as hell". The way he was manspreading drove you crazy alone. It was an aperitif for the whole meal.

    Youngkuyun tugged his t-shirt off in one go, then got rid of his bottoms too before standing in front of you. Sitting on the edge of the mattress, It would be the perfect angle to take his dick in your mouth if you all did not have nastier plans. Instead, he stroked himself right there, gentle with his own organ, taking his time. Until he felt the urge to speed up as you licked your lips numerous times, sometimes locking eyes with him, sometimes unashamedly admiring his body. You held him by the hips, drawing delicious shivers from his skin. His erect member was being harshly pumped centimeters from your chest. You could picture the mess he would make.


    Your boyfriend still had that frustrated look. The way he furiously scrolled down the Twitter page worried you. "Chani, I'm so sorry". You said for what felt like the millionth time.

    "I'm not mad at you, babe" he repeated, laying the cellphone on the couch and looking into your eyes. He was being sincere, yet he seemed angry at something and that was eating you up. "I'm mad at myself for not locking the room. I'm also embarrassed, to be honest"

    You tilted your head and mocked him "love, you're acting as if I hadn't ever seen your dick before". It did not fail to get a little chuckle in response. "You shouldn't have stopped when I entered"

    "I can resume it from where I stopped if you want me to" he was joking but you were not so you simply nodded with interest sparkling on your face.

    At first, you beheld a surprised expression on his face but in a second you saw him shaking his head and calling you dirty as he unbuttoned his shorts again. You watched him take it off quickly, then lay back on the sofa, hips dragged to the edge of it. You never noticed how beautifully he held his member. He seemed so confident about what he was doing to you, staring at your eyes until you lift your gaze to his own, then he looked down. he stroked that cock as if he was professional.

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  • hyungseos-cafe
    02.04.2022 - 1 mont ago
    Pairing: Sf9 Zuho + Chani ft. GN!Reader
    Genre: Mafia au, fluff
    Warning: Swearing, mentions of weapons, use of the word k*ll
    Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and in no way reflect the actions and personalities of the people described. 
    Word count: ~1k
    Summary: Zuho and Chani, arguably the best made men in SF9 are tasked to take down a new mobster hidden under the guise of an ice cream shop, but what happens when said mobster suddenly makes the two men flustered? Does the ice cream shop get taken down? 
    Order for: @unifox​ 

    “Dude, did you see the way they looked at you?”

    “Me?” Zuho stood astonished, after all he nearly took a bullet for you. 

    “Oh come on man, don’t look so innocent! They looked at you with ‘the eyes’ you know those eyes”

    “Dude shove off, you’re just jealous” 

    Flash forward to present time, Zuho and Chani had just finished another unsuccessful mission which led to their asses nearly being grilled alive, however with the rather poor judgment of their boss, he decided to keep them. Afterall, nobody worked better together than them. As if things could not have gone any worse, Chani received a phone class ‘Boss’ the caller id shone

    “Boss!” Chani’s face immediately dropped as soon as he received the news from the other line 

    “Yes Boss! We’ll be right there”

    The pair both stumbled into the room of said boss who unfortunately had been scowling at them. The office walls had been lined with the weapons of those whom the group had taken down. They were his prized possession, and the only way to 

    “Zuho, Chani, I have news for you and you’re not going to like it” 

    The two stood before their boss, casually nodding along as he continued to give details for their new mission. Apparently they had to crack down on some new group that opened up an ice cream shop as a ploy. 

    “I understand these conditions are quite strange, but I assure you, the front person is incredibly dangerous. They’re known for charming themselves out from being arrested” 

    “How hard could this be? Zuho and I got it!” 

    “Chani” He sighed, “Son, you’ve got a long way to go. I must warn you, please be careful” 

    “Y-yes sir, my apologies” 

    “Zuho, watch over him, okay? He’s a liability”  

    “Yes sir” 

    As soon as the boss left, Zuho swiveled around on his heels to land a punch on Chani in the gut, knocking the younger one to the ground immediately 

    “Dude that the fuck?”

    “You’re a liability. I’m just putting you in your place” 

    “I’m just putting you in your place” Chani mimicked before standing up on his feet again, walking back to his office to retrieve his body suit and hand gun. 

    The following hours went by quickly as the pair slowly prepared for a crackdown on the illusive ice cream shop. 

    “So, what’s the plan?” Chani asked, gently prodding at the elder member 

    “The plan is, to use you as a decoy because we all know you’re cute… and then I swoop in to save the day” Zuho deadpanned 

    “Great, let’s get to the car then” 

    “You’re driving” 


    Chani turned to the side table in front of the door to grab the car keys before running to start the car. Meanwhile Zuho surveyed the warehouse, checking for any materials they may have missed. After concluding that he had everything, he headed towards the car. 

    “Do you think boss is serious about this ice cream shop? I can’t help but feel a little doubtful” 

    “We can’t let our guard down, okay? Just trust him, he knows what he’s doing” 


    “Chani, stop asking questions. Just. Drive”

    Chani started up the car before pulling out of the driveway and out to the main road. The drive to this ice cream shop was rather brief, however it was in the center of town- which did not make much sense. Why would some huge mafia group decide to operate an ice cream shop in the middle of town? Unless… They want to blend in??

    “We’re here” 

    “Dude! Zuho, did you already fall asleep? It wasn’t even 20 minutes!” 

    “I’m up, I’m up” 

    Zuho opened the door to stand up and straighten out his clothes before checking his equipment. In a place as innocent as an ice cream shop, it was bound to bury secrets. These were always places that held the most unexpected turns. 

    “Alright, let’s go over the brief again before heading in, okay?” 

    “Name Y/n, codename the eviscerator. Over 1,000+ kill count and at least 10 years of experience with explosive material and working with the CIA before turning” 

    “Wait, turning? What happened?”

    “Dude, Chani, did you not listen to anything Boss said?”

    “No…” He sheepishly let out before fiddling with his hand gun

    “They were known as one of the most decorated CIA agents before quitting suddenly. It was rumored they wanted to dismantle the CIA, apparently one of the higher ups had something to do with their parents disappearance” 

    Zuho closed the portfolio, shoving the manila folder back under his jacket and shut the car door. This signaled for Chani to lock the door and begin surveying the premises without being seen, which was nearly impossible as it was a bright ice cream shop filled with children. From an outsider's perspective, this was just like any usual ice cream shop. However something felt off, the atmosphere became immediately tense as soon as Zuho and Chani entered. 

    “Hi! Welcome to E’s Creamery” 

    “Dude, did you see the way they looked at you?”

    “Me?” Zuho stood astonished, after all he nearly took a bullet for you. 

    “Oh come on man, don’t look so innocent! They looked at you with ‘the eyes’ you know those eyes”

    “Dude shove off, you’re just jealous” 

    “H-hi! We’-we’re just looking around!”

    “Sure thing! I’m Y/n, let me know if you have any questions” 

    Chani immediately pulled the older member to the side, a clear panic in his eyes. Before he could speak a word, his attention was brought back to Y/n. How could someone so attractive be so bad he thought 

    “Tell me how someone so attractive and cute could be the head of a new mafia group? I mean… Look at them! They’re so sweet to customers and have such a nice voice” 

    “Dude, you can’t possibly have a crush on them… do you?” Chani nodded “I can’t help it” 

    Unfortunately for the two of them, the mafia leader in question had slipped through the back door as soon as they recognized their faces. They had studied the profiles of all the well known groups in town that could possibly try to stop their plans. 

    “Wait… Where did Y/n go? Weren’t they just right there?”

    “Fuck, fuck, fuck! What is boss going to think of us now? We can’t just come back empty handed! Zuho, you know boss already hates me! What do we do?”

    “What we’re not going to do is freak out, we’re going to calmly explain to him what happened…. Right?”

    “Dude we’re the worst”

    #hyungseos-cafe #french vanilla iced coffee with whipped cream and honey #sf9#sf9 scenarios #sf9 mafia au #sf9 fluff#mafia au#scenarios#fluff#baek juho#zuho#sf9 zuho#kang chanhee#chani#sf9 chani #order for: foxy #order status: complete
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    a short scenario:

    a favourite artist of yours released a new album recently; you are dancing around the house, singing the new songs, but there is just that one song that got stuck in your mind and you especially love the rap part; your rap skills are awful to say the least but you are so cute, your boyfriend Juho thinks, he can't help but laugh at you (can he love you more? yes, he can); "how dare you say that, Baek Juho?", you amuse, while holding the vacuum cleaner; "let's have a rap battle then.", Juho challenges (he might be sweating a little, you know, you look a biit dangerous); it's needless to say your "battle" ends up with Juho winning; "it's okay, love, you've got the greatest prize anyway. that's me." he grins and points at himself and giggle like a high schooler; how can you not love him? (you kiss and laugh and cuddle afterwards but you make sure to tease him for months because of this ;) ).

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    THE STEALER - CHAPTER 3 It’s been months since that expulsion of several students had happened and it’s also since then the rumor had risen and almost everyone had given her the nickname "the Highestness” from Highest + Greatness - because of the influence she can have on the school boards.

    Most of the students fear her and as much as possible avoid her or be careful with her which made her more of the school’s loner yet the students were really curious as what is her relationship with their school’s famous band, New Flying or N.Flying who keeps on approaching her and even goes in and out with her to school which made the students wonder their relations, especially the leader who titled to be the "Cold Prince".

    "Hey! Have you heard of it?" the nasal voice guy asked in his usual playful tone,

    "Heard what?" The honey voice asked as he took a bit from his food,

    "Her, Jaeyeon" his eyes caught at her as she was in the line by the cashier as he also starts eating his food,

    "About what exactly?" one of the younger lines asked curiously,

    "What the students call her and the rumors circulating..." the student council president buts in,

    "Rumor?" "What rumor?" the group leader asked,

    Coming closer as he whispered "that she's dating N.Flying Leader" he whispered with one hand covering the side of his lips,

    "N.Flying?" "Our School’s band?" "The leader?" The honey voice asked in surprise,

    "Yup!" the nasal-voiced guy with a pulp lip replied in confidence.

    "Ay! No way!!..." The honey-voiced guy replied in disbelief,

    "Then explain that!" the nasal guys said as he hiddenly pinpoint with his eyes and heads the topic person two tables behind him,

    Some of the brothers looked at the topic person as if it was nothing, some had their ways while some didn’t bother to look,

    Meanwhile on the other table, “you do know people gossiping about us, right?” N.Flying Leader said in his low voice, she simply nodded, and replied with a simple, "Yeah, I do" in a very careless manner, continuously eating her meal.

    "Listen, I like the fact we got to spend more time together and all but aren't you worried?" He asked in his concern and low voice.

    “I don’t care to be honest…” she replied as she continued to eat,

    “Don’t care? You do know you got hurt and bullied because of this right?” he asked back very concerned, while the rest of his members nodded in strong agreement, she didn’t reply and just looked at him as she continue eating, “just continue eating, Oppa!” she told him. After she ate, she went to the rooftop as she has spare time to spend idling.

    But when she got there 9 handsome boys were already there hanging out and messing around, but she still proceeds, the boys noticed the moment she opened the door and continued their activities as if they don’t mind but one or two of the boys can’t stand and pretend not to care no more,

    “Hi!” the tall 6ft honey-voiced guy said standing inches away from her, she looked behind her and saw both of the familiar faces, “hi!” She replied as the wind starts to blow, trying to recall their names, “Jaeyoon and Dawon, right?” she called them out. The boys were surprised and looked at each other’s faces. “You guys from my class, right?” she added.

    “You remembered our names?” Dawon commented,

    “Well, of course... we met previously, beside Jaeyoon sat beside me, and you sat across us by the front door…” she replied, “besides you and your brother, I presumed, are already popular so not remembering you and your brothers would I think to be more of a terrible sin as a student here and a person….” she said as she popped a small smile but it wants very visible as a gauze on her lips blocks it, she looked at the other boys looking at them pretending to mind their business,

    Dawon just giggled while Jaeyoon offered extra strawberry milk to her, she looked at him, “it's extra, we come on an odd number" pointing out his brothers at the back with another plastic bottle of strawberry milk was on his hand, "do you want one?” he offered, Jaeyeon hesitantly as first but still took it and smiled at them for the first time which somehow made Jaeyoon’s heartthrob a beat and unintentionally stared at her, she noticed Jaeyoon’s staring and asked him in curiosity, “is there something wrong?” “Was there something on me?” she added, concerned, as she places her right hand on her face, trying to wipe whatever was on it,

    “Ah, no!” he said, snapping out, “I was just thinking about the book report, if you don’t have a partner or group yet maybe you can join us” he made a quick excuse, standing beside her,

    Jaeyeon just stared back at him in surprise, “I mean our teacher said it should come in three, and Dawon and I are missing a person…” he explained,

    “True!” Dawon exclaimed as he placed his arm on his brother’s shoulder, “we would love you on board!” he added, showing his bright smile,

    “Really? You guys wouldn’t mind me being in your group?” she asked with a sad tone on it,

    “why? What’s wrong with you?” Dawon asked,

    “um..” she hesitantly said, “a wounded loner,” she asked as she chuckled a bit,

    Both Jaeyoon and Dawon looked at each other for a moment, Dawon approach her to her other side, “Hey! You! are not a loner! And those stupid asses are the one on fault!” Dawon called them off, pointing into thin air,

    “Then I don't mind,” Jaeyeon replied happily.

    “Then, let’s have a quick meeting at the family restaurant near our place, it's nice and quiet, fewer people are usually there after school days so we can talk better if that’s alright with you?” Dawon offered, she agreed, and the school bell rang as a sign that lunch was over.

    After school, Dawon quickly went to her seat and asked her if she was ready to leave, she smiled at him while Jaeyoon was waiting for them in the doorway, and they left their homeroom together with students staring at her, wondering what is going and when did the members of SF9 and her got close, she can feel she’s getting both weird and intense stares from there fangirls but she ignore it all especially when 9 of the boys are walking with her.

    “Please, ignore the stares” Youngbin whispered as most of the boys were walking in front, goofing around, Jaeyeon looked at him and smiled, “you noticed?” she asked, smiling. He nodded still walking beside her, “please, don’t get traumatized with this” he told her,

    “What?” she asked,

    “The intense and weird stares…” he replied,

    “Ah, yeah, but I’m not doing anything wrong…” she replied smiling at him, “plus I don’t think this will be the last attention I will get” she added, Youngbin looked at her in wonder what she meant, she can feel the look youngbin is giving her and she smiled giving of the statement “you’ll find out eventually..” she told him, “by the way, where are going?” she asked, the other boys heard her and stopped in front of a fancy looking bar, “we are here!!!” Dawon exclaimed happily with both of his hands excitedly popped in the air showing the fancy bar named “Glorious Bar” Jaeyeon stopped and was surprised where they were, “a bar!?” she said questioned and exclaimed the place,

    “Yup!!!” Dawon happily replied,

    Some of the boys started going into the Glorious Bar, Jaeyeon looked around her and lowered her voice, “guys! What are you doing we’re still in high school to going in and we were supposed to do our group project!”

    “But we are!” Jaeyoon responded calmly as he waited by the door holding the front door for her, Jaeyeon kept quiet for a while as she stared at her newfound friend,

    She took her steps as she goes into the bar, “trust us! I know this place might be unusual but we can make our group project here peacefully no one in our age groups shows up, so no one will disturb us!” Jaeyoon said as he tried to convince her and as she walked in she was surprised at how elegant and fancy looking it is inside the bar, “we usually walked in the back but we can make an exemption today.” he added as he walked behind her, “wait, you guys said we can have a quick meeting on a family restaurant near your place?” she asked looking back at Jaeyoon, Jaeyoon smiled, “well we are here” he said with a clear amused face,

    “Family restaurant?” Jaeyeon asked with an eyebrow up, “since when has a bar becomes a family restaurant?” she asked sarcastically,

    “Well, that’s my fault I haven’t been clear...” Dawon buts in, “what I meant family-owned business!” he said with a satisfied smile on his face and pouting cutely, Dawon and Jaeyoon sat at a long table in the middle of the room while the others were not to be seen, she was looking around and she was indeed fascinated by the interior of the place,

    “Family Business owned!?” she exclaimed, “This is one fancy bar...” she complimented in amazement.

    “Yup… we've been in this business for generations..." he clarified.

    "Really now!!" She exclaimed in amazement. "Anyways, do you guys, have any ideas on how we could start this project??" She asked, "any ideas or suggestions?" She added as she sat on the chair in front of Jaeyoon,

    the boys starting to think for ideas as she amazingly scans the whole room when her eyes landed on a painting on the wall, "is that sorcerers?" she stood up, going to the painting in the center of the bar, both Jaeyoon and Dawon followed her with their eyes, "the Knight of the Rising Suns?" she said out loud which surprised the boys. out of now where, Youngbin grabbed her right shoulder, "how do you know?" he asked in pure curiosity and surprise, "you knew them?" he added, wondering what does this girl know about these 9 boys on the painting, she was surprised by Youngbin taking her off guard, looking back at him, she can't do say anything for a while but look at his surprise and curious expression, "well, yeah! I read the story somewhere before, though I can't remember the whole story..." she told them, "9 boys who were given to find a cure for their curses and the cause of their curses..." she added,

    Dawon nodded in agreement, "well, she's not wrong..." he said in amusement

    "Where did you read that story from?" Jaeyoon asked in curiosity.

    "can't remember where but I knew I read it before in a library I guess..." she replied, unsure.

    "Library?" Youngbin asked, "what library?" he questioned.

    "Sorry, but I can't remember, it's been a long time and to be honest I can't even remember that day, except some of the stories...." she explained, Youngbin wanted to ask for more details but the tallest among all brother held his shoulder, "Hyung!" he called out, Youngbin let go and excused himself with their younger siblings while Dawon distracts her, "ok, I have an idea for this report..." he told her which was effective, "really what?!" she asked, excitedly.

    "How about the Mago Oscuro?" he suggested.

    "Mago Oscuro? the fiction character? Mago Oscuro: Story of the Greatest Warrior of the Dark Realms..." Jaeyoon clarify, Dawon nodded in agreement, "well, it's one of the bestselling books of our generation and I feel that Mago Oscuro isn't just a fictional character..." he explained,

    "Oh really? then explain, how do you say so?" Jaeyeon asked,

    "well, based on the book Mago Oscuro, he used to be an ordinary human that was cursed by witches to seal the darkness and save the humanity from the dark creatures lurking in the human world, with the magical book that he created with his magic and blood it was said that its power can create new magic, seal evil creatures or even create them and based on the book, he even created 6 magical creatures that can hide on the dark realm as spies. but like they said, with great magic comes great responsibility. as his powers grow many evil contenders from both realms, human and magical realms want his magical book and to prevent them from getting it, he destroyed his magical book with the 6 magical creatures he created with his magic to protect his magic and possible even the world and because of what he had done it was never seen or even heard off." Dawon told the story,

    "You know what doesn't make sense of that story?" Jaeyeon asked,

    "What?" Dawon asked,

    "How did he destroy a magical book and him destroy his magical book does that mean he also destroyed his 6 magical creatures?" she questioned, the boys looked at her, wondering what she mean, "I mean, he has a reason why he destroyed it, but, at the beginning of the story the magical book wasn't really a magical book but just a normal book, where he writes his enemies strengths and weakness, the creatures he had an encounter like a journal but later as the story progress, it became a magical book and as far it goes, the magical book also became his source of power as his human form can't take it anymore, meaning destroying the book means he killed his own 6 magical creatures and himself, right? so, what if something from the dark realms returned to the human world who will save us? rather, protect us?" she questioned, "also, I don't think he destroyed it but instead he shattered it into pieces, which he gave to his 6 magical creatures to protect and when the right times came they would rise and gather to protect the human world..." she added. both boys were speechless for a moment and looked at her like she was right, she has a point "wow you seem gave a new meaning to the ending to the story...." Dawon complimented.

    "I felt that the story isn't finished..." she replied,

    "I feel the same..." he agreed,

    "Well, it seems that we have a book report now..." Jaeyoon told both as they nodded in excitement.

    "Why don't you both get the idea together as I get out laptop and printer for our report' Jaeyoon offered, both agreed and as they brainstormed,

    Inside their study room, "Hyung, what was that?' i thought we are laying low?" the tallest brother questioned his older brother's action a while ago,

    "I know, I'm sorry..." Youngbin apologies, " i start feeling weird when she called out our alias" he said, "a weird burning sensation within me..." he explained,

    Jaeyoon entered in the middle of a small argument from the brothers, “me too. I felt the same presence from her previously…” Jaeyoon buts in, the brothers look at them in a weird manner as if they were just making nonsense excuse,

    “there’s really something about her…” Jaeyoon told everyone as he proceeds in taking the materials, he needed along the book that they agreed to be the topic for there group project. Bring all the needed materials he saw both Dawon and Jaeyeon were having fun, it was a first for him seeing Jaeyeon smiling and laughing her heart out and the reason was Dawon, it somehow made him feel a small pinch within him.

    “You both seems got close fast…” Jaeyoon halfhearted complimenting them as he places the materials on the table,

    “Well, Jaeyeon isn’t half bad…” Dawon complimented her as he looks at her smiling,

    “You’re not so bad yourself, Dawon” she complemented back writing some stuff on the paper. Jaeyoon just looked at both of them when she saw the book, they were talking about above the laptop that Jaeyoon just placed on the table. “Oh! Hey!” she said as she reaches out for the book,

    “Well, I saw this while picking up the laptop and printer, might bring it along as we can read and add more on the report…” told her, Jaeyeon nodded and smiled. He quietly observes her as she starts to read, “you guys won’t mind if I borrow this for a while?” she asked, looking both Dawon then to Jaeyoon. Dawon nodded while Jaeyoon paused for a little while staring at her and notice something different about her eyes but kept quit and nodded, “yeah sure!” he replied looking at Dawon then back at her again. Dawon opened the laptop and begun typing away with the report while Jaeyeon quietly read the book, Jaeyoon stood up as he set up the printer and secretly taking peaks at her, silently observing her, remembering the weird burning sensation he felt with meeting her previously and what his older brother just shred a while ago.

    “she’s no normal girl…” he thought to himself, “was her eyes color gray?” he added, he twists his head to the left. Dawon saw him getting glimpse of her and kept silent as he also observes his older brother getting weird about Jaeyeon. They ended the project successfully and she was offered to have a meal with them before the bar open up with Taeyang’s cooking and Jaeyoon offered to walk her to the bus stop.

    “So, have you guys been running the bar?” she asked looking at him as they walk down the sidewalk.

    “Well, yeah…” he replied with both hands on his pocket, “we have our own task...” he added,

    “aren’t you guys a little to young to run a bar on your own?” she questioned,

    “Um, maybe but, it’s a family business we need to keep it going…” he told her looking at her, “it’s our bread and butter...” he told her, looking at her eyes she saw a weird color again which he couldn’t stop himself to ask, “are you wearing contact lens?”

    Jaeyeon stopped and looked at him, “contact lens?” she questioned,

    “Sorry but your eyes, they have different color…” he told her stopping as well, concerned,

    “You notice huh...” she replied bowing a bit as she smirk, “it look weird huh...” she commended, Jaeyoon was caught off-guard, maybe he should have commented on her eyes he thought as he’s starting to panic and thinking a topic to distract her, “they said it’s because of an accident when I was younger.” she added looking at him with a smile,

    “Accident?” he asked, surprised.

    “Yeah! I had an accident when I was 10, a car accident, me surviving is a miracle …” she response in a sad tone. Jaeyoon just looked at her in a concerned way as she continues with her story, “to be honest I can’t remember much what happened that night, but my guardians said it took a lot of life from my relatives…” she continues, taking glance at him as they continue walking, “my parents, relatives...” she explained.

    “Why?” he asked, curiously.

    “My guardians said probably because of stolen heirloom.” She answered with an unsure tone of voice, as they arrive at the bus stop. Silence was in the air he wasn’t sure if it was okey to ask but he asked anyway, “they got it?” Jaeyeon was taken off guard with his question, “what?” he said looking at Jaeyoon surprised.

    “Your family’s stolen wealth?” he elaborates.

    “Um, to be honest I really don’t know…” she replied raising both of her shoulders, showing she was unsure. “But my brot-” she paused, “...I mean guardians said, they really don’t care what heirloom it might be as long I survived and grew up healthy...” she corrected herself, looking at him showing a smile.

    Jaeyoon atomically also placed a smile on him showing his dimples, her seeing Jaeyoon’s cute dimples took her defenses slightly down as the bus came, they bid their goodnights and along they ways.

    But along the way Jaeyoon suddenly felt dizzy leading him to kneel with one knee down, grabbing his throbbing head as he closes his eyes, he saw human blood staining a concrete floor, human blood stench was air, cars tumbled around with windows smashed, hearing wheels stretching. Opening his eyes, cold sweats begun to drop down catching his breaths, gasping for air, he kneeled in his all fours, trying to calm himself which he successfully did, he took himself up and went home without telling his brothers what he just happened nor heard from Jaeyeon’s past, he himself wasn’t sure what really happened but one thing is for sure, “Jaeyeon isn’t an ordinary girl.” He whispered as he enters there entrance back door.

       >> End chapter <<

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  • blu-joons
    16.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    When You’re Scared To Date And Get In The Way Of His Career ~ SF9 Reaction


    As your phone rang yet again, you knew that you couldn’t ignore Inseong forever, reluctantly picking up. Straight away as you did, you could hear him sigh in relief on the other end of the line that you’d finally answered.

    It took a moment for Inseong to speak as he tried to keep his composure, “Y/N, what’s going on? I thought we agreed to meet for dinner tonight.”

    “I just can’t do it,” you told him.

    “Can’t do what? Come for dinner, I can always get takeout and bring it round to you instead,” Inseong suggested, understanding that you weren’t feeling up to it.

    Your moment of silence spoke volumes to Inseong though. “I don’t think I can do us Inseong, the pressure, the attention, it’s just too much.”

    “Where’s this come from Y/N? Can I bring food so that we can talk?”

    “I don’t want to ruin the career that you’ve set up for yourself,” you calmly explained to him, “I bet there’s a camera somewhere watching you right now Inseong.”

    “You’re not doing anything to my career aside from helping it,” he tried his best to tell you, “please Y/N, just talk to me over a meal.”

    It didn’t take long for you to cave, hoping that a conversation could solve things, “as long as you pick up one of my favourites.”

    “I will, and I promise I’ll be there in no time.”


    You panicked as you looked across the room and saw Youngbin, keeping your head down and trying to find your way out as quickly as possible. As you did, you bumped into a finger though, looking up to apologise.

    As you did, words failed you as you realised that you’d bumped into Youngbin. “I had a feeling that I might just find you here, and I was right.”

    “Why are you here?” You innocently asked.

    “Are you kidding?” Youngbin laughed, keeping his eyes on you, “I’ve tried every other way to get in contact with you and had no luck, what else was I supposed to do?”

    Your shoulders shrugged, trying to figure out how you could get away from Youngbin, “I’ve caused you enough trouble, just leave me alone.”

    “What are you talking about? When have you ever caused me trouble?”

    “Our relationship,” you murmured, keeping your eyes on your feet that you scuffed against the floor, “it was a mistake, a mistake that nearly ruined your career.”

    “Says who?” Youngbin queried, quickly picking up though on exactly what you were getting at, “how many fan comments have you read?”

    Once again, your shoulders shrugged, losing count some time ago, “they all guessed you were dating, and they weren’t happy either.”

    “Come on, let’s get a coffee, I think we need to talk.”


    You stopped into your tracks as you walked towards the door to the main arena that would be hosting the awards ceremony for the evening, looking across to Jaeyoon with the panic clear in your expression.

    He tried to pull you, but you weren’t budging. “What’s going on? Why’ve you stopped?” Jaeyoon asked, confused as to what was going on.

    “I can’t do this,” you explained to him.

    “Yes, you can,” Jaeyoon encouraged, offering you a wide smile, “I promise that no one will be looking at you or judging you, and they won’t be judging us either.”

    Your head shook with a shaky breath, “you’re an idol, you shouldn’t be dating someone and especially bringing them here too.”

    “I told you that there’s no reason to be scared in the car here.”

    “I know,” you whimpered, puffing out your cheeks, “but now that I’m here, I feel like I’m just going to get in the way for you and the other boys too.”

    “The boys adore you too,” Jaeyoon promised you, “just give tonight a try, and I promise that if you want to go, I’ll get you home safely.”

    Your head nodded, still a little reluctant, “if too many people look our way, then I don’t think I’ll be able to do this Jae.”

    “Give it a try, for me, I promise that it won’t be bad.”


    You struggled to keep yourself together as Sanghyuk wiped underneath your eyes for you, drying your tears as best as he could. He got it, as he wrapped his arm around you, knowing how big of a change things were.

    Your heart was pounding as he pulled you into him, “I’m glad we’ve had this conversation and cleared the air between us too.”

    “I’m sorry for closing off,” you spoke.

    “You don’t need to apologise,” Sanghyuk told you once again, “it can’t be easy for you coming into the world of an idol, but now I know, I can support you with it more.”

    You sighed in reply, turning away from his eyes, “I should have just said rather than getting distant and letting you think I dislike you.”

    “You didn’t know what to do, I’d have probably done the same.”

    “How are you being so nice to me?” You gently laughed, feeling undeserving of how sympathetic Sanghyuk was to you, “I’ve been an idiot to you.”

    “No,” he grinned, squeezing you even tighter, “I’m just being me, and if it’s nice, it’s more of a reason to stay with me, right?”

    Immediately, your head nodded back at him, “you know that I never really wanted to break up with you, don’t you Sanghyuk?”

    “I do, I know everything’s been a bit of a blur for you.”


    His eyebrows furrowed together as you sat down at a table in catering far away from Juho and the rest of the boys, not wanting to draw any attention to yourself as everyone sat down during the break for lunch.

    Juho wasn’t quite as willing though, soon making his way across to you. “How come you’re sitting here all by yourself and not with us?”

    “I’m doing it for you,” you whispered.

    “Why?” Juho questioned, noticing a look of fear in your eyes as you looked around the room, “you think everyone’s watching and talking about us, don’t you?”

    Your head nodded, anxiously scanning around, “if I sit by myself, it saves anyone from judging you or starting to talk about you too.”

    “What if I want people to talk about me? And about us too?”

    “This is your workplace,” you reminded him, but Juho shrugged, “maybe it’s better if I keep my distance to save you from getting into trouble.”

    “Sitting at lunch won’t get us in trouble,” he promised you, “but sitting apart at lunch is breaking my heart a little not having you there.”

    You smiled weakly as Juho reached out for your hand underneath the table, “do you think if I sit with you everyone else will be alright with it?”

    “Let them talk, I want us to do whatever we want to.”


    The distance between you both was worrying for Seokwoo, each time he tried to move closer towards you, you moved away. He wasn’t sure if it was the location, the timing, or just him that was the issue.

    As the film finished, Seokwoo pulled you back down, refusing to let you leave. “What was all of that about?” He asked, staring across at you.

    “Just ignore me,” you tried to dismiss.

    “Just tell me what’s wrong,” Seokwoo requested, trying his best to meet your eyes, “you know that you can talk to me if something’s wrong.”

    Your eyes flickered around to notice a group of girls still sat in the back row, “there’s people watching us Seokwoo right now.”

    “And? Why should we let that stop us from doing anything?”

    “I bet they’re fans of yours,” you cautiously whispered, “if they see the two of us together, they’ll tell everyone and then you’ll end up being talked about.”

    “But they’d just be telling the truth,” Seokwoo tried to get you to see, “do you think that we should be embarrassed about our relationship?”

    Your head shook, staring down to the floor, “I don’t want to cause any drama and risk doing something to hurt your career.”

    “I can handle things, please don’t worry about me.”

    Yoo Taeyang:

    You didn’t know what to do as Taeyang approached your table at the coffee store, offering him a weak smile as he sat down opposite you, placing his coffee cup on the table whilst studying your expression closely.

    You were silent, giving Taeyang the floor to speak first. “Can you just tell me why you suddenly decided to break up with me so suddenly?”

    “I was thinking of you,” you replied.

    “How?” Taeyang challenged, confused by your reply, “if you were thinking of me then we’d have stayed together because you know how happy you make me.”

    You smiled nervously, taking a sip from your mug, “it’s not just about your feelings, but your career too Taeyang, you’re doing so well.”

    “And I know that I can do even better with you with me.”

    “Your fans won’t see it that way,” you defended, staring across at him, “and when I was at the company the other day, management weren’t exactly friendly.”

    “They were rude to you?” Taeyang asked you in frustration, shaking his head, “if someone was rude to you, why didn’t you say so?”

    Your shoulders shrugged in response, “because I thought it would be better for you if I left rather than causing any trouble with staff.”

    “No way, they need putting right, not you Y/N.”


    You tried to shut the door, but Youngkyun placed his foot inside before you could, trying his best to ignore the pain that came with you ramming the door into his foot, knowing that the pain would be worth it.

    Once you eventually caved, Youngkyun finally spoke up. “Why?” Was all he asked you, knowing that you knew what he meant straight away.

    “It’s for the best,” you simply stated.

    “Not for me,” he huffed, forcing his way into your home, “it’s like you just disappeared, but if I did something wrong Y/N then I won’t to know so I can fix it.”

    Your head shook back at him, “I’m fixing things by leaving you alone, I don’t want to break your career with our relationship.”

    “That’s what you think your doing? Have you lost your mind?”

    “People are already talking,” you tried to tell Youngkyun, but before you could continue, he wrapped his arms tightly around you and pulled you closely into his chest.

    “Don’t listen to them,” he whispered, squeezing them tightly, “I’m sorry that you felt like you were breaking me, but I promise that you’re not.”

    Your head shook, but Younghyun kept a hold of you, “what if things between us end up getting in the way of your work with the group?”

    “It won’t, we can balance things and they’ll be fine.”


    Your heart sunk as you walked out of your office to see Chanhee stood in the reception of the building, rising to his feet as soon as he saw you, making sure to give you no way out of walking past him.

    You had no choice but to walk across to Chanhee, noticing his expression. “You’ve not been replying to my texts, I didn’t know what to do.”

    “I need to go,” you tried to tell him.

    “Y/N,” Chanhee replied, refusing to let you go, “what’s going on? You can’t avoid me like this without any explanation, I don’t deserve to be treated like this.”

    Your head nodded, stopping in your tracks, “you don’t deserve a lot of what comes your way, which is why I’m doing this.”

    “Doing what? I don’t understand where you’re at with us.”

    “You don’t need the attention of a relationship,” you tried to tell him, but Chanhee’s head shook, grabbing your hand, “your fans won’t like me either Chanhee.”

    “I don’t care about any of that,” he sighed, pulling you towards him, “you were scared to date me? Scared of what the reaction would be?”

    Your head nodded once again, “can you blame me? Stepping foot into your world is crazy Chan, it’s a lot to take on just like that.”

    “But we do it together, just don’t give up, please.”



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    08.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    When They Take Care Of You On Your Period ~ SF9 Reaction


    Your smile grew as finally Inseong came home, heading in your direction straight away, placing the carrier bag in his hand gently on top of your frame.

    “For you,” he simply stated with a chuckle, giving you some space.

    “What have you been buying?” You asked, burying inside the bag, pulling out several bars of chocolate and packets of sweets, exactly what you needed.

    The smile on your face was worth it for Inseong, knowing just how much you craved sweet food on your period. “I wasn’t sure what else I could get for you, but I know that you never turn down chocolate on your period.”

    Your head nodded, already opening up the bar, “I never turn down chocolate anyway, but especially on my period.”

    Inseong moved across to perch on the end of the sofa beside you, “do you plan on sharing any of that with the person who bought it.”

    “I might give you a square,” you teased.

    Inseong’s eyes went wide as you snapped off exactly one bar of the chocolate, “you’re not even going to give me a row.”

    “This is only the first bar, pace yourself.”


    You were surprised to see Youngbin awake as you walked back into the bedroom, wrapping your arms around your stomach to try and get rid of the pain.

    “Are you alright?” He asked, full of concern as to what was happening.

    “I came on my period,” you sighed, sliding back underneath the duvet to feel Youngbin pull you towards him, “I knew it was going to happen this week.”

    His arms wrapped tightly around you, coupled several kisses being placed to your forehead. “Is there anything else that you need to get through the night? Have you had some tablets? Do you want a hot water bottle?”

    Your head shook at Youngbin’s many offers, “I think I could just do with a cuddle right now, that’s all I need to go back to sleep.”

    His head nodded, tightening his grip around you, “a hug is definitely something that I can give you to try and make life easier.”

    “I’m sorry for waking you up too,” you whispered.

    A soft sigh came from Youngbin above you, “you don’t need to apologise, I’m just glad you’re alright, or as well as you can be.”

    “I’ll be better soon, once the pain relief kicks in.”


    Your heart raced as you heard a gentle knock at the door, calling through to Jaeyoon to enter, watching his head peer around the door frame to you.

    “I thought you might need these,” he smiled, holding a few bits up for you.

    “You’re the best,” you complimented as he placed a fresh pair of underwear and pyjamas down on the floor, ready for you to change into when you needed them.

    You were a mess, but Jaeyoon didn’t mind at all, knowing that your period was never an easy experience for you. “I’ll strip the bed if you want whilst you sort your stuff out, we can throw it all in a wash.”

    You smiled softly as he offered you a reassuring grin of his own, “I swear sometimes I won the lottery getting to date you Jaeyoon.”

    His head shook with a chuckle, “I’m just being a good boyfriend, you always take good of me, I can only do the same for you.”

    “I really appreciate it,” you reiterated.

    Jaeyoon nodded, letting you know that he understood, “take care of yourself, I’ll put the wash on whenever you’re ready to.”

    “I’ll try not to be long, thank you Jae!”


    The moment you walked through the front door, you were greeted by Sanghyuk, barely giving you time to take your shoes off before he took your hand.

    “Follow me,” he excitedly grinned, leading you up the stairs hastily.

    “I’m tired,” you sighed, struggling to keep up with his pace, desperate to throw yourself into bed and feel sorry for yourself as your cramps continued to frustrate you.

    Your annoyance soon disappeared though as Sanghyuk led you into the bathroom to where a bath was running for you. “I thought I’d do a little something to try and ease that pain, I know how hard your periods are.”

    You smiled appreciatively, apologising for being so grumpy, “you’re an angel sometimes, thank you so much for this.”

    Sanghyuk slowly led you across to the bath, helping you to begin undressing, “I’ve even included some of those bath salts you like.”

    “This is exactly what I needed,” you smiled.

    Sanghyuk was full of pride knowing that he had helped you out, “I might even order takeout as a treat once you’re out too.”

    “Suddenly being on my period doesn’t seem so bad.”


    Your eyes widened as you felt an uncomfortable feeling strike against your stomach, stopping walking with Juho as you placed your hand over it.

    “Everything good?” He questioned, looking back to see your expression.

    “Not quite,” you frowned, looking around, relieved to see no one else around you, “I think I might have just come on my period; I’ve got a bad feeling about things.”

    Juho nodded, trying his best to stay calm, taking his arms out of the sleeves of his jacket, passing it across to you. “Tie this around yourself to hide anything just in case, do you want to head back home instead?”

    As much as you wanted to get coffee, your head nodded in reply. “I don’t want to risk any accidents happening whilst we walk.”

    Juho took a hold of your hand again as you turned back around, “you don’t need to explain, I completely understand Y/N.”

    “But now you don’t get coffee,” you sighed.

    Juho’s shoulders shrugged, “maybe I’ll drive down and get us one once you’re home and taken care of, how does that sound?”

    “Really good, I could do with a coffee right now.”


    He could only manage a smile as you pushed the bedroom door back open, knowing that Seokwoo had spotted what was wrong with you immediately.

    “I’m sorry,” he frowned, pulling the duvet back for you to slide under.

    “I hate men at this time of the month,” you groaned, throwing yourself down on the bed, landing your head on Seokwoo’s outstretched arm to pull you in.

    His hold was tight, exactly what you needed to try and ease the pain that you felt in the pit of your stomach. “Try and get some more sleep,” Seokwoo whispered down to you, “it’s five in the morning right now.”

    Your head nodded, curling into his side for comfort, “I’ve taken some tablets for my cramp, hopefully in half an hour the pain should disappear.”

    Seokwoo nodded, listening to you closely, “why don’t we stay up for half an hour and chat until your pain goes away in that case?”

    “You need to rest too,” you reminded him.

    Once again, Seokwoo nodded, “and I will rest to, once I know that you’re resting, if you’re comfortable, then I’m comfortable.”

    “You’re too sweet, I can’t even argue with you.”

    Yoo Taeyang:

    Your hands extended out as soon as Taeyang got home, desperate to take what he had bought from the shops and hurry to the bathroom to sort yourself out.

    “Did I get everything?” Taeyang nervously asked as you tipped it out.

    “I think so,” you smiled, grabbing a tampon from the box, and a pad out of the packet beside you too, “I really appreciate you doing this for me Tae.”

    He smiled back at you, taking a seat on the sofa whilst you sorted yourself out, finally speaking to you once he knew that you were comfortable again. “I got a few funny looks when I went to the checkout you know.”

    You grinned appreciatively at him, taking a seat beside him, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know what else to do, I couldn’t go myself.”

    His arm wrapped around you, relieved to see you feeling better, “I didn’t mind, it’s just funny how judgemental others can be.”

    “They’re jealous you’re a good boyfriend,” you suggested.

    A light chuckle came from Taeyang in reply to your suggestion, “that’s a better idea than the reason they probably stared.”

    “As long as I help you, I don’t care who stares.”


    The sound of you groaning yet again shattered Youngkyun;s heart, noticing your hands resting on your stomach where the source of the pain was.

    “Stay here,” he instructed, standing up from the sofa and your hug.

    “Why?” You frowned, immediately feeling cold as Youngkyun left your side, making his way towards the kitchen without wanting to share his plans with you.

    You could hear plenty of noise from the kitchen, unsure as to what was going on until Youngkyun returned with a hot water bottle in hand. “I did a search, it said that these are supposed to help with cramps.”

    You tried to take it from Youngkyun, but he pressed it down against your stomach instead, “you’re an angel, I swear you just read my mind.”

    His smile was wide, noticing the relief on your face as the heat hit you, “is there anything else that I can do to help you right now.”

    “Not leave my side again,” you laughed in reply.

    Youngkyun nodded confidently, taking his seat on the sofa again, “now that I’ve got you taken care of, I’m not going anywhere.”

    “My tummy and I really appreciate you Kyun.”


    A chuckle came from you as you turned on the sofa, watching Chanhee struggle to make his way down the stairs with blankets in his hold.

    “I’m coming,” he called out trying his best to keep his balance.

    “What are you doing?” You laughed, reluctantly sitting yourself up to make some space for Chanhee to dump all of the items that he was carrying on the sofa.

    A proud smile found its way onto his face once he managed to get everything down. “You’re on your period, and therefore you need to be comfortable, which is why I’ve bought all of these to make things cosy.”

    Your head shook in disbelief back at him, “you didn’t need to do all of this Chanhee, you must have found every cushion and blanket here.”

    His head nodded as his smile grew, “we’re having a movie marathon, you might get bored of one blanket and want to use another.”

    “You’ve really thought of everything,” you commented.

    Chanhee’s cheeks heated up as you grabbed one of the cushions, “I just want to be able to help you as much as I possibly can.”

    “This is more than enough, this is perfect.”



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  • everybloom
    01.03.2022 - 2 monts ago

    Hii! How are you? Do you know SF9? May I request some Inseong being a liiiiitle bit jealous of your friendship with Zuho (or other member of your choice) so he tries to show you how much he's better than his groupmate and you can't find no one like him (I see him as having a huge praise kink plus a service top, and he's always hugging/kissing the members so he's clearly touch starved)

    If you don't write for them it's totally ok! You can just write with another idol of your preference :)

    Heey, sorry it took so long, I like to do a lot of research before writing about a group I'm not used to (I did an astrological chart reading of both of them lol), I hope you like what I have here!

    Your boyfriend wanted so much for you to have a good relationship with the other guysin his group, encouraging and taking you out drinking with them, it worked very well, everyone was very friendly and accepted you as a new part of the family. Just a few months ago you got closer to Zuho than the others, the same interests and sense of humorbrought you together in an amazing friendship, you used to go out together every week and make FaceTime calls when you couldn't be together. At first this was well appreciated by Inseong, since he had insisted on this bond, but as the days went by the boy realized that his heart was slowly getting tighter every time he saw them together.

    He had always valued open communication within their relationship, but this time the subject seemed silly to him, and he was too embarrassed to just say that he was jealous. He tried several times to arrange dates or just Netflix nights so that you could clear your plans with Zuho, but you always respected your word and told him that you would make it up to him later. And indeed you did, whether it was watching as many movies as he wanted the next day, going to all the restaurants he wanted, or giving him all the love you had through wet kisses and mind-blowing sex. In those moments, he would be so wrapped up in that love that he wouldn't even remember the jealousy that once tormented him.

    This delicious feeling didn't take long to pass when he saw you on a call with your group mate, or you getting ready to go out with him, he wanted to hold you and pin you to the bed, kiss you until you chose him to stay, after all only he would kiss you like that. He then decided that he would make you an amazing dinner, cook your favorite dish even though he didn't have the best cooking skills, buy some flowers while you were away, and make sure to make everything perfect for the two of you.

    So he went to your place since doing it in the dorm would be a mess, tied your apron around his waist and started cooking pretending to know what he was doing in an attempt to incorporate the vibe. When he finished the food he lined up the plates, cutlery, cups, and napkins, smiled proudly at his work and arranged the flowers in the vase on the American countertop, sat down on the couch to wait. Suddenly remembering something, he ran to your room to look for a scented candle that took its place in the center of the table, now he sat on the sofa and waited.

    He waited, waited and waited, close to nine o'clock at night and already almost falling asleep on the sofa the sound of the keys made him widen his eyes and straighten on his way to greet you, the door opened, and soon he heard the laughter that the friends shared.

    "My love, good to see you, why this dim light?" you said as you groped around looking for the light switch.

    "Oh, it's no big deal, I made something for us." he put enough emphasis on the "us" looking bitterly at a smiling Zuho who was making his way into the house.

    "You're sweet, baby." you left a quick little kiss on Inseong's lips, which made him almost forget the situation. "I'm sure you won't mind Zu joining us, right? I'm starving."

    "No, I don't mind." he completed softly as he maneuvered to pick up a new set of plate, cutlery and bowl.

    "Thanks Hyung, the food looks delicious." said Zuho sitting in Inseong's customary seat, something that made him fumble with anger.

    You exchanged few words during dinner, everyone seemed too excited about your boyfriend's culinary success, even though your boyfriend hadn't received any verbal compliments since they started eating. And so he kept his puppy-dog eyes all through dinner, waiting for you to compliment him, tried to hold your arm to feel your warmth, but you said it was in the way to eat, tried to kiss your cheek but was not well received.

    Inseong was the first to finish eating, he ran into the living room and sat in the armchair clutching the biggest pillow he could find, he hid his face there biting his lower lip in an attempt to contain his jealousy. He wanted so, so, so badly for that moment to be the two of you, wanted you to have caressed his hair and told him he had done a good job, kissed his wine-tasting lips, felt everything in you tighten.

    "What is it that you're cowering there, sweetie?" you asked as soon as you arrived in the room.

    The phrase "I'm jealous" came on the tip of his tongue and was swallowed, he lifted his head and stared into your bright ocean eyes, he wanted to swim there.

    "Did you like what I did today?"

    "Of course I did my love, you did the recipe just right, and it was delicious, the flowers are beautiful, you chose a wonderful wine, and the candle is so fragrant I'm going to overlook the fact that you went through my candle drawer."

    You held his flushed little face, kissed his forehead, his cheeks, the tip of his nose, and finally left a lingering kiss on his lips, he felt so loved that he wanted to explode, wanted to wrap his arms around you and stay there until they merged into one.

    "Can we play something?" Inseong wanted to explode once again when he heard Zuho's voice interrupt the precious moment.

    "What do you want to play, cutie?"

    "Cutie"? What the hell was that? Affectionate nicknames were his, totally and endlessly from Inseong, why did you have to call him that? "Cutie," what a joke!

    "Can we play 20 Questions?"

    Luckily for your boyfriend, this was one of the games he enjoyed playing the most, so it was not at all bad to agree to play with Zuho. Sitting almost hanging on you and kissing you all over your face with each sentence, he lived up to how much he enjoyed this game, getting almost everything that was directed at him right quickly within the first few questions. Zuho never had a problem with his group mate's excessive attachment, in fact he even found it cute the way he hugged and kissed you, but somehow today he realized the exaggeration of the situation and decided to jokingly intervene.

    "You guys should get a room or something," he said, laughing at the end of his sentence.

    "Baby, you are so clingy today, sit on the other side, let's keep playing."

    The sad puppy dog eyes were popped in the older boy's eyes throughout the rest of the night and early morning, he could no longer feel that anger he felt at the beginning of the situation, now he just wanted to sit in a corner and whine for your attention. A yawn from his friend cut off his thoughts, he noticed you looking at the wall clock and pondering.

    "It's too late for you to go to the dorm alone, Zuho, spend the night here, I have a mattress you can use."

    The sleeping arrangements didn't take long, Zuho arranged his makeshift bed and put on the clothes that with some insistence Inseong had lent him, it wasn't that he didn't want to lend them to Zuho, it's just that that batch of clothes had been washed along with yours own, and they all had your scent that your boyfriend didn't want to lose.

    As you entered your room you noticed a pile of blankets and pillows in the corner of your bed, you suppressed a giggle as you imagined your boy all curled up there, he had been acting very strange today since the moment you announced you were going out with Zuho, you slowly walked over and hugged the pile to your side.

    "What's with you today?"

    "Am I still your baby?" you could hear the muffled little voice.

    "Of course you are still my baby, why wouldn't you be?"

    "You spent all afternoon with Zuho, then I made a romantic dinner for both of us, and you told him to stay for dinner, and now he's sleeping in your living room, on the mattress I used to sleep on when we hadn't done yet..."

    This time you couldn'tcontain your giggle, which resulted in Inseong kicking off the covers and pillows to look at you in irritation, your eyes ran down his chest hidden by his crossed arms, his bare little belly rising and falling by his breath, the box that hugged his hips gracefully.

    "My love, this has nothing to do with you being my baby or not, you are my boyfriend, my baby, and Zuho is a friend."

    "Do you love me?" he asked with his eyes shining, not a trace of insecurity, he just wanted to hear it from your mouth.

    "I love you with the warmth of a thousand suns." his cheeks turned pink as if the sun had kissed them.

    "I love you very much too." he replied, playing with his fingers.

    Your lips met, and soft warmth spread through your butterfly stomachs, you stroked his hair as he waited, kissed and gently bit his reddish lips, smoothed the delicate skin of his waist, traveled to his beautiful ass and left caresses there.

    "You were such a good boy for me today, Seong!"

    "Was I?" he asked between a sigh of desire.

    "You always are, the best baby I could ever have, with the hottest lips, and the most comfortable hug in the world."

    Inseong felt the familiar warmth spread through her body from those compliments, his cheeks and neck took on a permanent shade of a rosy red, his hands lost their way, and his lips silently begged for a kiss.

    "I love everything about you, your puppy dog eyes, your cute nose, your smile, your soft hair..." and you kissed everywhere you spoke. "Your shoulders, your collarbone, your nipples, I love your nipples." You allowed yourself to linger there.

    The boy tried to hold back gasps and moans that threatened to escape too loudly, you followed with the list, the waist, the belly, the hands, the hips, and you jumped to the thighs and lost yourself there, kissed the calves and came back on top of him smiling.

    "What do we have here, isn't it pretty boy?" you smiled, spreading the throbbing bulge over the already wet box. "Did my compliments leave you like this, baby?"

    He closed his eyes tightly, pressed his lips together and hit the sheets trying to cash in on the pleasure.

    "I-I think it was the wine."

    "The wine?" you laughed in disbelief. "The wine got you all wet and ready for me like that, love?"

    He whimpered at both the question and you abruptly ripping the box off his legs and throwing it somewhere in the room, at that moment you pulled away from him, and he tried to pull you into the heat tangle.

    "Hold on baby, I'll give you what you want, give me a second." You said with a little wink at the end.

    Inseong closed his eyes to keep the mental image of you kissing him all over his body alive in his mind, only opening when he felt your presence back, his eyes adjusting to something in your hands, a collar and leash. His cock jumped and spilled a fat drop of pre-cum, too eager to hold back.

    "I know how much you like to fuck me with this, do you want to show me how good you are to me?"

    "Yes, yes, yes, yes!" he said excitedly, sitting up in bed and desperately rolling a condom on his sensitive cock, resisting the urge to pump the shaft.

    You opened the collar and placed it on the boy's handsome neck, connected the lead and gave it a tentative tug, almost automatically he widened his eyes and stuck out his tongue by reflex. You stroked the soft strands before lying down on the bed in a comfortable position and pulling him close to you, without difficulty you accommodated his entire length.

    Inseong seemed to be on edge as soon as he entered, his mouth wide open and spilling out moans, his hands closing into fists near your head, trying his best to control himself.

    "Come on, baby, show me what you've got for me." The order came with a tug on the tab that made him pull all his strength from within him and gather it to thrust into you.

    His eyes rolled back each time he went deep in you, the moans becoming louder and louder, the impending pleasure driving him crazy, saying things you couldn't even imagine hearing.

    "I'm your best boy, aren't I?" the faltering voice made itself understood.

    "You are, my love, the best boy!"

    "Zuhocould never love you like this, I love you so, so much.... Oh my god, I am so close."

    "Wait a minute, baby, let's go together." You pulled him into a needy kiss, full of moans.

    "Am I doing well? Please tell me I'm your favorite, please, please!"

    "You are doing so well, you are my favorite baby, make me cum, just a little bit more, I love you, my perfect baby!"

    And that made him break, into a thousand little pieces, the white jets filled the condom quickly, cumming so hard he couldn't stop, his trembling hand ran to you, helping you get there along with him. His lips mumbled several silent "I love you", he had fallen so deeply into the subspace that he fell asleep minutes after drinking a glass of water that you offered.

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  • unifox
    26.02.2022 - 2 monts ago

    With the new Zuho vlog i got a zuho fanfic craving... Anybody wants to feed me any? hehe or send me links or writers S2 (also looking for Fantasy moots)

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  • broken-garden
    20.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    ~Summer With SF9~

    Song I was listening to while writing this: Every Summertime by NIKI

    Youngbin-: Summer with Youngbin is like falling in love with your first love(that makes no sense but whatever) Anyhow he will make you feel like you are the only person in the world with the simplest road trips to nowhere and with the radio blasting your favorite songs.

    Inseong-: Summer with Inseong feels like you are back in your childhood, he makes you feel back in your youth. FORTS ARE A MUST, he will also start pillow fights with you and then cuddle with you afterwards while watching your favorite Disney movie together.

    Jaeyoon-: Like Inseong he will make you feel like you are in your youth again. He will wake you up at 9 am every Saturday to catch cartoons while you two drink coffee in your pj's. He will attempt to dance in the rain with you but it would end up with both of you falling on your lawn laughing.

    Sanghyuk/Dawon-: The summer would be full of laughter, it would be full of fails of doing your own graden and making your own bread but it'll be one amazing memory. He will be the main reason you smile this summer.

    Zuho/Juho-: Kisses so many kisses. When you go to the beach with him he can't help himself but to give you hand kisses and forehead kisses. He will take you on a picnic near the lake and during sunset he will lean in softly and give you the most memorable kiss(what the hell did I just write)

    Rowoon/Seokwoo-: One of the most romantic guy hands down. Just like Youngbin he will take you on a road trip and at each stop he will take a polaroid(ITS LIKE A POLAROIDDDD LOVE) he will write down the most cheesiest but sweetest sentences on the bottom and after you get to the destination he reads them all to you.

    Taeyang-: MATCHING SUMMER COUPLE OUTFITS!! Oh my god this man will have you both looking like models, when you go out into the city from your shared apartment you two look so powerful omg. Mostly inside dates with you two drinking tea together and laughing about funny life stories.

    Hwiyoung/Youngkyun-: He will take you on a bike ride near the beach you two are vacationing at, at night he will take you on a midnight walk on the beach and slow dance like no one is watching.

    Chani/Chanhee-: He will prefer staying home with you but doesn't it mean it will be boring. You both will try(HENCE TRY) to make your own brownies but it will end up burning in the oven(rip) but you will end up laughing and end up just watching TV together.

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  • 100zuho
    17.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    36 with juho pleaseee ^^

    Anonymous asked: 36 with yoo Tae Yang ☺️☺️

    36. kissing away tears

    zuho: you can't help the emotions that wash over you as you finally finish something very important to you with success. it's overwhelming relief and happiness, and a bit of pride. you laugh through the tears as your boyfriend dances around you excitedly. juho pulls you into his embrace, exclaiming soft words of encouragement and congratulation between the kisses he presses all over your face. he can taste the saltiness and you can too when he finally reaches your lips

    taeyang: even though you know he's not really upset, you still get worried every time he starts crying over a movie or show. he just gets emotional easily, and with you beside him, he doesn't feel the need to hold back — he's comfortable around you. so here you are, on your movie night date in your apartment, handing tissues to your crying boyfriend. he keeps apologizing, telling you that he's okay, he just can't stop. he looks like an angel even with reddened eyes and face, and you coo at him comfortingly before kissing his eyelids and wet cheeks.

    #sf9 headcanons #sf9 taeyang scenarios #sf9 zuho scenarios #sf9 imagines#sf9 fluff#sf9 scenarios #sf9 taeyang imagines #sf9 zuho imagines
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  • lost-inthedream
    04.02.2022 - 3 monts ago

    SF9 reaction to you waking them up with neck kisses

    genre: sensual fluff I'd say


    Warnings: everyone is just very touchy in this piece

    Bonus song rec: Whisper, by VIXX LR

    ➹ Youngbin:

    The smooth touch of your lips against his skin makes him shrink even before becoming conscious. You smile at yourself and playfully ask whether he is getting ticklish while your hand rubs his side. "You're so gorgeous in the morning, Binnie" you continue and then he finally says something back without thinking much. "Let me kiss you too, baby girl" His eyes are still pretty lazy to open up but his fingers reach out behind to catch you. He kisses you on the corner of your lips though.

    ➹ Inseong:

    He shifts his position right after you hit with such a sensual approach. As he lays on his opposite side, you can see his half-asleep expression. "Want me to kiss you on the lips instead, babe?" you question with a mischievous smile on your face. No need to hear answers nonetheless. Your mouth lingers on his own and it brings him out of his beauty sleep. Your mouths naturally adjust at the same pace.

    ➹ Jaeyoon:

    Somehow there's a hint of joy in his grunts as you lay noisy pecks all over his neck. His exposed skin feels hot, almost like fever, in a way that you wanna keep embracing him. Why does he never put on a t-shirt? Thank God he never puts on a t-shirt. "Morning" he greets you with a low, husky voice. His hand easily wraps around yours, which was already resting on his chest. You answer with your face still buried in the crook of his neck.

    ➹ Dawon:

    He immediately wakes up not even letting you have your time inhaling his scent. He didn't think twice before flipping you around and asking questions about your plans for the new day. "My only plan was showering you with kisses in this bed" you confess letting some frustration slide on your sleepy demeanor. He sympathizes and slows down so you can lazily trace his facial traits and brush your lips against his plump ones.

    ➹ Zuho:

    He is still slightly snoring in the morning when you snuggle onto him with your eyes closed. You instinctively start to rub your nose on his clad shoulder murmuring sweet nothings out of your sleep. Without noticing, you are half kissing half sucking on the skin of his neck. "It feels so good, princess" he admits after spending a minute just enjoying the taunting affection.

    ➹ Rowoon:

    It is easy for you to simply look up and have your lips touching the side of his neck. He likes to place you on his chest when you have the weekend reserved for yourselves. It is like he is protecting you from the monsters of the night or something. In any case, the color of his skin, a soft and sweet tan, invites you for kisses. He does not take long to wake up but lets you be. Just pulls your leg over his hips and caresses your thigh in silence.

    ➹Yoo Taeyang:

    He turns to hug you as soon as you start. Boy goes all whiny, which only increases your will to keep kissing his graceful neck. He ends up waking up to leisurely wander his palm on the whole extension of your back down your butt as well as the back of your thigh. Your legs intertwine and you ask how he is doing. "Great, my angel. Better than ever" You smile as the feeling of pure bliss spread all over your being. He dips onto your neck.

    ➹ Hwiyoung:

    Am I the only one picturing the silliest smile on Hwi's sleeping face? Sometimes you wake up to see him just smiling with his eyes closed next to you. You are able to feel his peace of mind. You decide to climb on top of him because he is irresistible, seducing you even in his sleep. It's not your fault that you wake him up with a bunch of warm kisses. "Don't stop, beautiful". these are his first words. You follow his wish and add a massage to his scalp as your mouth leads up to reach his own.

    ➹ Chani:

    You will get tired of giving him kisses since he keeps unbothered. Slightly disappointed, you rub his chest and whisper in his ear. "You lovely little sloth". You giggle at yourself since his lips are still half parted and eyes loosely shut. He naturally wakes up after long minutes of you just admiring his angelic looks. "Did you say something?" he asks out of nowhere. "I called you a sloth half an hour ago but it was with love" He nodded and pulled you down to him wrapping his arms around your middle and surprisingly late reciprocating the earlier neck kisses.

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